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I am a nursing student and I am having trouble with microbiology. Can anyone give me any tips?

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You would probably get more replies if you were more specific on what exactly you are having problems with.

Microbiology is a pretty intense class for some people and there is a ton of information.....


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i didn't like microbio! i had to take it twice b/c the first time i got a C- and the nursing program required nothing below a C and of course my teacher didnt' help me out, so i had to retake it and i got a B-. anyways, its a tough class, what are you having problems with? i suggest you talk to your professor and get as much help from them as you can. good luck!!



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I LOVED Micro! I had an awesome teacher. It was hard, and I never studied more..but I got through it. What are you having problems with??


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study study study, you will need to do well with your first couple tests to be able to do your unknowns later down the road. There are many websites that will help you and many are posted here, just do a search. Good luck and kick a$$, you can do well in the course!


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I heard someone mention awhile back about Microbiology flash cards were a big help. You might do a search on Amazon.com and see if you can find some helpful study aids. You can do a search and it gives user ratings for that particular product and that will tell you how good or how much it helped someone else...if it helped someone else it would probably help you as well.


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-MicrobeCards: Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Study Cards

by Mark S. Peppler


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