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Microbiology at Southern Union Community College in Opelika,AL

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Hello all! Just wanted to know of other peoples experience with micro at SU. The teacher I will end up taking this semester has a very bad rep for having the highest fail and drop rate. A student in my nursing class who makes all A's even failed his class. I'm so nervous to take this class because if I fail, I have to drop the nursing program as it is a corequisite that must be completed by the end of summer. This teacher has 40 something comments on ratemyprofessor.com and only 2 were positive and even they said it was hard. If anyone has taken micro at SU, please comment. Also, please let me know if you still have notes or study guides from the class. I've purchased a book call microbiology the easy way and have been reading through it. Hope it helps!


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i have taken micro at suscc in opelika and my instructor was (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of instructors per terms of service). this class is hard and you just have to study a lot. i read the chapter like he said, but still didn't do well on the tests, and did all my extra credit work and passed the class. i wouldn't worry to much about the instructor, just do your best and thats all you can do.

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