Microbiology online?


I am currently choosing my classes for my July session but micro and patho are not really working out time wise. Has anyone taken their micro online and if so, do you recommend it? I am typically not a huge fan of online, but I usually end up taking one each session due to scheduling. And advice or suggestions?

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I took mine as a hybrid, because you have to work with certain bacteria and that requires lab time. Everything else was done online. It was challenging, but doable if you don't procrastinate and have good study skills.

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Good day:

I'm currently taking a blended microbiology. The lecture is online, labs on campus; tests for both proctored on campus. I'm not sure if I would try 100% online as blended is hard enough.

Thank you.

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I love online classes, but I took microbiology on campus because I wanted to experience the lab portion.


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I am in micro as a hybrid right now and LOVE it. I am going to recommend to our dean of sciences that they use this prof.'s set up as a model. Having already taken AP1. & 2 as hybrids I would have loved to have had it with this level of preparedness. Sure hoping we have at least some prerecorded electronic lectures for nursing school. SO much more convenient!

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please define what your school labels as "hybrid". Some online, some lab, some live???


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Hybrid is basically the "blended" sort as explained by pmabraham. Our instructor has the blackboard online education system set up for us for the lecture part. It has tabs for assignments and all prep materials for each exam. She records her lectures with whiteboard visuals for us to take notes from and also makes additional supplement videos for us about topics that many students need additional support in. She also has tabs for power points and a study guide. So we do all our prep at home and then come in twice per week for lab. She will answer questions in person during lab or at her office if we have used all the resources and still have questions. Coming back to school after so long, it is WONDERFUL to not have to drive to school, sit and listen to lectures on someone else's time frame. I also appreciate not getting sidetracked by someone's "stories" or random questions. I know there are good things to be learned from those things, but sometimes it feels attention seeking and frustrating. :/


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Whoo lord this class was harder to me than human anatomy i pressed through with a B and couldnt imagine doing it online. Good Luck

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Took micro online. No problem at all. Am now taking the lab on campus. Go for it. I don't like online classes either, but sometimes, you just have to.