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There is two classes offered at my school, Microbiology and Medical Microbiology. Regular Micro is 5 units and Medical Micro is 4 units. What is the major differences between the two classes? What would you guys recommend that I take? What do most schools want or prefer?



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I can't tell you for sure what class you should take, but in my case my school only offered medical microbiology (4 units) and that's what I took and my nursing program accepted it. The schools around me only offered regular microbiology (5 units). All the nursing programs I had looked into didnt care if it was regular or medical as long as it was at least a 4 unit class with a lab. Of course I would go to a nursing advisor/counselor to make sure you're taking the correct prereq.

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Ask for copies of the syllabus, and then shop them around to the advisors at the various nursing schools you'll be applying to in order to see which they want.


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I decided to go with Micro because for the most part it is universally accepted everywhere. I hope I do well, its my last class before I apply!


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In my school, the 4 unit micro class is the watered-down version of the 5 unit class and the only difference is that all of their labs are like pre-done for them and they have to do less than for the unknowns, but they learn the same things and we use the same book.

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