Microbiology HELP!!!!!


I'm about a third of the way through my microbiology course, I've had one exam (I started studying about 2 and 1/2 weeks before the exam) that I didn't do very well on, and now I have one in another week and I'm so afraid I'm going to do just as bad. I've been studying but I feel like the material is just going over my head. Every time I read I only comprehend a little of the information. I'm not sure what to do... I've tried talking to my professor and every time I do I don't know what to ask him. I feel very uncomfortable with everything but he can't just reteach it. What should I do? Plus I still have two more exams after this and the final!!!! STRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Have considered looking on youtube for whatever subject you don't quite understand. There are plenty of videos out there that might explain topics in other ways.


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I went and got another book and retaught myself the concepts that I needed to know because we will use them and see them again in nursing school. Just start studying twice as hard and keep positive.... Meaning stay clear from negative people, neg. vibes. You got it!


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Microbiology is hard if you go in too deep. Learn what you need to know as a nurse and everthing else is just added information. Usually the key points at the end of the chapter are good to cover in addition to all the boxes and tables within the chapter. I don't know what text you are using but most have quizes at the end of each chapter that are helpful in addition to the cd that is provided. Good luck!


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I'm not finding micro easy or fun

4 lecture tests

2 lab practicals

2 unknowns

And a five page paper

Really? Come one, everyone on this class is going for nursing or PA. Not one other science student or microbiologist.

One test and one unknown down.