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Hi All!

Does anyone know of a microbiology course w/ lab offered this Fall that will end by December 1st? Self-paced or accelerated?

Here's the situation...I'm registered to take Microbiology this Fall, my last prerequisite for Duke's ABSN. Unfortunately, the class ends Dec. 15 and I've just realized that not only is Duke's application deadline for Fall start earlier this year (December 1st), but they have changed their admissions requirement and all prereqs have to to be COMPLETED prior to application. That seems like REALLY bad timing. I haven't been able to find any semester course for Micro that would be complete by December 1. I sure would hate to put Duke off 6 months when I'm this close, plus I'm applying to safety schools that only admit in the Fall, which could delay things an entire year!

Does anyone know of a school ( I'm in SC, but I'll can go anywhere for a semester if I had to) with a Micro class that will end by December 1st (earlier semester, self-paced, accelerated)? Also, I'm curious if anyone else has run into this problem and how you've resolved it!

Thanks! ;)


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Have you looked into summer programs online or in your area? There is one in my area (Houston) starting Monday, but it requires attendance for the labs. I've heard that there are some summer microbiology courses that let you do the labs in your home. Perhaps you can find one if you hurry.


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Hey Veganmo, thanks for the quick response! Great suggestion, but all the Micro summer classes around here started in June for 8 weeks. I signed up for A&P I and II (4 weeks each) this summer instead. I took A&P I in June, and now A&P II starts on Monday. I figured I wouldn't have time for anything else, so I was waiting until the Fall for Micro. Seemed like the perfect plan...

I'll definitely call Duke on Monday to see if they'll accept online courses. That ought to give me more options at least.


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I almost had a heart attack when I read that but I am ok because I am applying for the Spring 2010 deadline. Duke does accept online classes. Have you tried looking into the Micro class offered by BYU? Good luck. I am interviewing Fri. I am thrilled!


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Congrats on your interview Momofthreeboys, that's awesome! - Oh, and sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!

You know, having read your post it occurs to me that I could have made the Spring 2010 deadline, but can't make the Fall 2010 deadline. Crazy... Too bad I didn't realize that a couple of months ago!

I did find another online Micro w/lab course, but it was full. Not giving up though. I'll definitely look into the BYU program.

Thanks, and GOOD LUCK on Friday! Let us know how it goes!


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Not sure if you heard but Duke has again changed the requirements for Fall 2010, you just have to be complete with pre-reqs before school starts in the Fall. I guess they had a lot of complaints about it, I recieved an email from Duke last week stating the above. I'll be applying for Fall also, let me know how it goes. Good luck!!


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Thanks so much! I had heard something like that from a friend that got the email, and she's not even applying there! I wonder why I'm not getting the emails?

It's good to meet someone else applying for the Fall! I haven't submitted anything yet, but I will after I take the GRE next week. How about you? We should definitely keep in touch, maybe start a thread for Duke Fall 2010 applicants? Good luck to you!!


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Good luck on the GRE, there is nothing I hate more. Let's keep in touch for sure. I started a thread called Duke ABSN Fall 2010. I'm not sure if its in the right place though. Keep me posted!! And good luck on your GRE :yeah:


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Hey MaryAsh! I tried to find your thread, but it doesn't come up for me in a search. Weird...

Thanks for the good wishes on the GRE. I took it once and did well enough, but it's been awhile so I have to retake it. Or so I thought... Did you know that Duke is meeting on Nov 2nd about dropping the GRE requirement? I just found out today. Too bad I scheduled the test for Oct 31! Oh well, this will be really great news if I don't test well, and a total disappointment if I do!

Any suggestions on how to find your thread? Thanks!


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That would be great if they dropped the GRE! Unfortunately, I am the worlds worst standardized test taker, lucikly I have a Master Degree so I don't have to re-take the dreaded exam. I'm going to post the link for the thread I started though, I've had no replies. Maybe we should jut make another one...


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