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Microbio and patho at the same time?


ADN program:

first semester -

foundations of patient centered care

caring of the aging adults


second semester -

therapeutic nutrition

dev. psychology

patient centered care of the developing individual and family

third semester -


patient centered care in mental health and high acuity medical surgical environments

fourth semester -

english 2 OR public speaking

leadership and mgmt in professional nursing

humanities/fine arts

I've already completed english 2, and working on nutrition and dev. psych right now. I plan on taking a&p in the summer. and microbiology and pathophysiology in the fall to get it out of the way. And somewhere in between study for the TEAS so I can get into the program Spring 2016 hopefully. What do you think? Micro and patho doable in one semester? Should I take them together on the same day? (long commute)

can I manage taking another class or two?

Did you end up taking Micro and Patho together? How did it go?

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

I know this post is old but for anyone thinking of it I personally would not. I retook patho (I had taken it several years before, got an A, but my cohort was taking it and I just retook to brush up my knowledge) and took pharm on the same day back to back and it seriously was horrible. I struggled and I had taken patho before, and pharm is probably not as tough as mirco.

You could certainly try but be prepared for a really tough semester. I would advise tutoring and limiting all outside distractions. Let people in your life know you will be mostly unavailable.