Micro in the summer?


I have decided to take micro the 1st part of summer and it is a 5 week course. has anyone done micro in the summer? i think i can handle it and im doing exellent in a&p 1. I want to apply for nursing next spring so that is why i want to take micro in the summer.


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Hey, I just got accepted into the nursing program yesterday!! Yes, I have taken microbiology, I did not take it in the summer however. I think you will be ok though. It is a lot of material to cover and different types of bacteria to memorize under the microscope and how the microscope functions and so forth. You will have to put a considerable amount of effort into the course but it is doable. Now if it were a and p that you were asking about i would tell you not to do it. best wishes! let me know how it goes:balloons:


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Micro in the summer may be ok, but NEVER take A&P in the summer. You see all that stuff again in Patho, and if you only see it briefly the first time around, you are lost when you get to Patho!


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I'm in the same boat as well. I either need to take Micro or Patho in the summer so I can apply for Spring as well. I don't think it will be too bad although I am definetly not looking forward to it. Good luck!


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I'll be taking Micro this summer. A friend of mine who is taking it now told me it was "h_ll". Not very encouraging. I think Fun2Care refers to it as Microsucks.

However, I am trying to stay positive. I have already bought my Micro coloring book and another book called "Microbiology Demystified" and am reading a little bit of it each week just to familiarize myself with the terms.

I also have a good friend who is a microbiologist and runs the lab at one of the hospitals here in town. She has offered to tutor me and let me look at stuff in the lab. She gave me a tour the other day, and it really was fascinating.

That being said, I will be glad when that class is over!

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Thanks for the input! Im just going to bite the bullet and try it and if i end up droping then i will try to take it in the fall. Good luck to all those that are taking it this summer!


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5 weeks to get it over with....GO FOR IT!!! I am taking Micro currently and I HATE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angryfire :angryfire It is like a different language for me. I loved A&P on the other hand...everyone is different. Just know you will have your head in the book the entire 5 weeks...there is a TON of info.


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As long as you don't have to work a demanding job then I'd say go for it! I took micro over the summer but I didn't have to take the lab b/c my program doesn't require it so that made it a bit more bearable. I actually got kinda lucky b/c my micro class was SUPER easy! The professor set an A @ 80% & there were only 3 exams. I would talk to ppl from your college that have taken the professor you're going to take & see if they say if it's doable. Good luck!


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Go for it!! I'm taking Human Anatomy this summer as a 5.5 week course. I'm gonna die... :) But... I have to, to be able to apply for the nursing school for next fall.

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