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I'm a pre-nursing student at a community college. Right now I am taking Anatomy and an integrated Chemistry class (biochem/general/organic). I am also taking some general ed classes. Do you think it would be too much to take Microbiology and Physiology in the same semester? I have good grades now, but I am scared to not get A's. I work about 30 hours a week, but it is a family business so I could work less if I needed to. Any advice?


It is difficult for anyone to answer this question given that we do not know you or your school or the instructors who would be teaching the courses in question.

Both Physiology and Microbiology are science lab courses and require a good amount of attention and study time no matter where you take them. Do I think it is possible to take both courses and do well? You bet! I did! Only you know your academic track record and study habits and other life commitments. You can sign up and if things look like they are heading south during the semester, drop or change your strategy.

Good luck.

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Physiology and Micro together will probably be a heck of a handful. It's completely doable but you have to know how you study and retain info. If you absolutely must take them together and need a full load, choose a course or courses that will further your educational goals while being less heavy on the studying. By the time I took Micro, I'd already had a good, solid education in the sciences, so I found it to be relatively easy. It was still one of the more difficult courses, but by then, I'd already figured out my learning style and exploited it fully. ;)

Probably the hardest thing you'll have to do is find out where the courses have some commonality and where they overlap, you study for one and the other at the same time. This won't happen very often though.

If you're lucky enough to have a course syllabus that breaks down each assignment/topic by each day or week, use it to get ahead by about 1-2 weeks in the reading and then stay 1-2 weeks ahead. Then you'll see the material again in class and then review. By the time you've gotten to an exam, you'll have seen the material at least 3-4 times. You'll know it.

Physiology is very interesting. So is microbiology. It's fun to learn what the little beasties are, how and where they grow best and under what conditions.... and learn how to kill 'em. If you're getting to do sensitivity testing or testing with common household cleaners and compounds, see if anyone has any tea tree oil.

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I tried taking Micro and physiology together while working part time and it didn't work out for me. I ended up dropping physiology just to keep my A in Micro. It was hard for me to maintain an A in both classes. From experience I never suggest taking those 2 classes in the same semester. Because they both have labs and you will need time to study for labs too. good luck tho.

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Actually, I think this is a good combination. I did this last fall and made "A"'s, while also working. However, I did not have much time for socializing.

First, it gives you an idea of the work load you will be dealing with in clinicals. Second, A&P and micro complement each other esp in the arena of circulation, immunity, and digestive system. It may not seem directly connected but while learning one system can help you remember aspects of another, thus buttressing your comprehension and memory.

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I am currently doing just that! It is not easy but I am somehow doing it! BUT I work no more than 20 hours a week and my job is very flexible (It is on campus). So if I have a big test I can just ask not to work and they are perfectly fine with it. I am also not taking any other classes except a one unit P.E classes.

If you need to do it, then go for it but if you don't, do yourself a favor and don't do it. Good luck!

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I have to take A&P2 and microbiology for the spring semester. I heard that micro was tough but interesting. I don't know what to tell you because I don't know your abilities but it sounds to me like you're smart. I think you can pull it off as long as you don't get distracted and don't take too many credits. I'm taking a total of 15 credits and one of those classes is a 100-level course so I'm not too stressed about my work load. Just look at the type of classes you are taking and estimate how much studying you'll need to put out.

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