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Hey there! Asking for suggestions. I've got a microbiology research paper to do and I'm stuck for an idea. We can do it on anything micro. related (i.e. vaccines, bacteria, viruses, etc.) Any ideas would be appreciated. Send reply here or e-mail me at [email protected]

Thanks so much!! Yvette

Antibiotic resistance is a huge topic

Read Laurie Garrett's _The Coming Plague_ for a multiplicity of ideas.

Why do we have MDR-TB, MRSA etc?

You can read about emerging infections, also in the Garrett's book ie ebola, strep pyogenes, also go to the CDC's site for info on this topic.

You can talk about how bio-psycho-social events created an opportunity for AIDS to emerge (Garrett plus Randy Shilts _The Band Played On_)

You can talk about how failed vigilance is leading to re-emergence of many bacteria, viruses ie TB, Dengue, Malaria (See Garrett and her new book, _Betrayal, The collapse of global public health systems_

If you like to talk about water borne illnesses, look at Garrett's Betrayal, also

So many great topics, so little time.

Just a thought.....Call your county medical examiner's office and ask them what the most interesting case was that had to do with micro. That would give some familiarity to your paper. Perhaps you could do a small interview with the coroner about that case and then present the research that you did.

Just a thought!!:cool:

Thanks to all those who replied to my dilemma concerning my micro. research paper! Great ideas!

I'll let ya know what I got on it!

Thanks again,


Student Nurse

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