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I have been doing my pre-reqs online due to being a full time mom and my husband working a ton. He adjusted his schedule so I can take some classes in person this fall. I have the choice whether to take one or the other in person and then my math class in person. What do you think is a better class to self learn in a online setting?


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I am a bit confused. Are you taking both of the science classes in the same semester, just one of them will be done online and you need to know which to choose to do online? If this is the case, I recommend doing A&P in person. Your learning will be exponentially better if you have access to the lab to complement your lecture learning.


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Sorry, typing on my phone I never seem to go into much detail.

This fall I am taking Micro, A&P, math and human nutrition. The micro and A&P are offered on the day I can take them but because of labs they overlap.

Only other option is to go at 8am have a 6 hour gap before my other classes and then my last lab going until 10.


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If you hace to choose, I'd definitely do Micro in person. A good portion of my class was the lab part--actually doing the experiments.

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Check with the program you're applying to. For me, the BSN program I am applying to next spring requires all science classes to be completed from an in class setting. I"ve already taken Micro and A&P I and couldn't suggest, based on my own experience, trying to teach either to yourself