Michigander BSN student worried about getting job when graduates! What to do NOW?

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Question here.....

I am currently in an accelerated BSN program @ Wayne State that will be finished December of 2011. I am super duper worried about being able to find a job when I a graduate! Financial situation is pretty darn bleak - and I need to have someplace to work as soon as possible after graduation!

Is there anything I can do to make myself look more desirable for those future interviews and resumes?

I don't have time to volunteer right now b/c of the heavy class load and my academics are coming first!

I also am coming from a business background - so I have NO hospital experience!

Should I be attempting to take BLS etc. certifications while in school?

Should I just pray to Jesus that the market is in better shape in 16 months?

Can I sow seeds of interest with my future clinical sites that I want to work for them in the future?

What do employers want to see from a new grad?

and......CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY HOSPITALS DON'T WANT TO HIRE NEW GRADS? What is with that? We all have to start somewhere right?

UMMMMM....Multi Grazie! You are all pretty much amazing! :redbeathe

Do your best to be amazing in clinicals...some of us were offered jobs on the spot during clinicals. Nurse managers do come around and ask both the RNs that you're working with and your instructors if they think you'd perform well in their hospital. Make a good impression when you're around those people. Even if they don't offer you a job on the spot, when they need someone down the line they can ask your instructor if they would recommend any of their graduates. This happened to a few others.

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I agree with the above posts...certifications look good...but experience is preferred. Work as a NA and hopefully the unit or hospital will hire you as an RN (that's how I got my first job).

This is the way most of the new grads I know around here got their new nursing jobs. Either by previously working there as a NA or by having connections with people inside their prospective places of employment. OP, I hope it all works out for you.

Thank you all! Great advice!

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