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  1. I am planning to start a nursing program in september. I am currently on unemployment from work. I just got my own apartment and I have a son i raise on my own. I need to know is it possible to work while in nursing school. Obviously part time, because full time would be a little much. What should i do? I have my CNA and was going to start a job as that, but i don't want to screw myself If i start the program. Can someone give some advice please??
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  3. by   SnowStar4
    It really depends on the person. Are you used to being very busy and organized? Then sure, go for it. You can always take a job now, then back off in hours if it becomes too much. Being a CNA would be great experience and get your foot in the door with a hospital. Maybe you can do contingent, that way you aren't on the hook for a large amount of hours, and may be able to build your own schedule.

    Personally, I work about 32 hours per week in school. I have no issues with it. But, some classmates don't work at all and never seem to have enough time for anything.
  4. by   Anxious2start
    Hey thanks for your help. I am used to working since my son was 3 months old. I am at a loss what to do on unemployment and no jobs around ya know. Thank god i took the CENA training when i did. I feel i have to work because i always have w/ school and my son. It's all i know.
  5. by   CNA2CPhT2bRN
    Well I was working full time during my pre req's but i dont have kids. I now only work 16 hours one week and 24 hours the other week. And it is tough. I do know some people who tried to pull 40 hrs no kids and failed so I only recommend part time
  6. by   jm123
    Depends on the program and teachers. I worked full time for the first half of last semester, and had to cut back to part-time(24hr) for the second half when clinicals started. I would not plan on working more then 16-24hrs as everyone in my class that did; either cut their hours, or wished they had.

    Our program has a very wide range in teaching style, and I had one of the harder teachers. I would imagine most programs are similar; in that some teachers are easier then others.
  7. by   MsStephh_RN
    This is a good question! I am waiting on acceptance into OCC's ADN program. I work full time (3 12-hour shifts per week). I hope I will be ok with these hours because I dont now if I can afford to go part-time :-(
  8. by   MsAshley
    I am in the same position as you Mocha. Currently I work 40 hrs a week and I am going to be applying to nursing schools this year. I am hoping to get in by September somewhere. I am nervous because I hold the insurance for my family so I at least have to work 32 hours to keep my insurance. I have a 3 year old daughter and a husband so I am hoping something works out that doesn't have me so stressed when I do start a program.
  9. by   CNA2CPhT2bRN
    well ashley you may have to sacrifice i am in in my last year of nsg school at w 3 c, to be honest you have worked so hard to get this far to fail because of work believe me it is worth the sacrifie now or just keep be honest work will always be there

    during pre reqs i pulled 40 plus hr s even ot, but now i work 16-24 if that some weeks i use vacation time, because the nsg program is so demanding

    good luck
  10. by   MsAshley
    Wow that makes me nervous!! I am at wc3 right now finishing pre req's. How do u like it? Are u able to make your own schedule or do they do it for u? Was there a waiting list? Sorry if the questions are flying out!