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Hey everyone, I got my "happy letter" today! I'm so thrilled! Anyone else with me?... Read More

  1. by   MsAshley
    Yes I did mean A & P. I am trying to take 1 and 2 in the summer at HFCC. I had to switch over to them because I needed a class that wasn't offered at WC3 (well it was full) which kinda leads me to my next question. I know that they do the admission on a points system. I have already taken some of my pre req's and all my co req's at WC3 (about 24 credits worth) I know I am going to be marked down for taking Anatomy at another school, but how much are they going to dock me? And do you think it is going to make a strong difference on if I am accepted or not? I am like so worried about this.
  2. by   I_WILLBE_A NURSE
    As a person that is just starting out at WCCCD how long did it take for you to complete your pre-req's and co- req's and get accepted to the nursing program? Some of things that I have read have been discouraging and yet somethings have been helpful.