WCCCD uniform...want one

  1. Hi there. I graduated from WCCCD in the Spring of 08. I still have my uniform and it can go to whoever needs it. I have 4 pairs of size large pants and at least one collared button up white top with patch, size large. Interested...please email me at maxybehr@yahoo.com


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  3. by   sweetjean143
    I will be graduating (as long as all goes well!!) next month from WCCCD. I also have uniforms that I will give away to whoever could use them. I have two pairs of size medium petite pants, one draw string, one elastic both of them are flare leg. I also have a size medium button up collared shirt with a patch, and a large brand new shirt with no patch. (from Allheart.com) I could give these away mid may. If you are interested email me at jmitch143@gmail.com.

  4. by   DAMomma
    Question, are they changing the uniform starting in the fall semester? Just curious. BTW, congrats Jillian! I remember when you started....What are you doing now? PEDS or M/S 4?

    I picked up my official RN badge from work today! I deleted all of the NCLEX study stuff from my computer today.
  5. by   sweetjean143
    geez, I'm not sure if they're changing the uniform! It's good to hear from you. Where are you working? I am in MS4, only 3 more weeks, and I am excited! Email me if you get a chance, I've been wanting to tell you something.