WCCC Issues

  1. Sorry if this offends anyone but I'm getting very frustrated. I've had serveral issues that gives me the impression that WCCC is a little disorganized. This one just happened today: I'm trying to register for a summer co-req class online and it will not allow me. When I called, they told me that I can't register because I do not have the appropriate pre-reqs. Totally not true. When I asked for verification that they received my transcripts, they comfirmed they were in the office but have not been evaluated. What??!!?? They have had my transcripts and evaluation form for four months now!!!!:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire The good news is that they just completed evaluating my transcripts today. But at this time I can only register in person. But now, I'm nervous that my paperwork on their end will not be in order by the time I apply for their program next month.

    The other schools/nursing programs that I've applied for were not nearly as painful. Has anyone else experience similar issues?:trout:
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  3. by   DAMomma
    Sorry you are having such a hard time....it has been totally smooth for me.:spin:
  4. by   oguesswhat
    Ha don't worry you are not alone. HFCC is absolutely horrible with that type of stuff. I have been having a horrible time with them. Hopefully they will get better.
  5. by   MySimplePlan
    It's funny how we all have different experiences. I attend HFCC and have had zero problem with them on paperwork, transcripts, getting my questions answered by the first person who answers the phone. This is my second degree at HFCC, and I can say the same about them 10 years ago.

    I also attended WCCCC last year. Problem after problem after problem. IF you could get someone to answer the phone, they usually didn't know the answer to the question. Sometimes they just made it up. When you went there in person, they wouldn't even look it up...they would just tell you 'no'. I'm a persistent girl, so I would keep after them, then lo and behold, that form really was available, or my transcript really was there. All this after I had to go down in person time after time to fix the problem.

    WCCCC is great for letting things lie around, then when you call or go down and get after them *poof* it's done. Four months for evaluating a transcript? That's ridiculous. They held onto my refund check from my loan last year for months, until I demanded they send 'my' money to me - the money I was paying interest on and could not use.

    I liked the classes and instructors at WCCCC very well, but dealing with them is a nightmare. I have a friend in her final year there, and it's been one uphill battle with her, too. Sorry, but WCCC has a lot of administrative problems. I'm glad to hear others are getting by just fine there. You have evnough to deal with in nursing school.

    It's been one smooth ride at HFCC. IF you're passing, that is! Just don't ruin their precious NCLEX pass rate. Musn't mess with their pretty numbers.
  6. by   oguesswhat
    How funny...every problem MySimplePlan had with the other college I had with Henry Ford. I had to send them my transcripts 2 times then when they finally "received" them that sat around for a month and a half till they evaluated them. Well I couldn't be put on the waiting list till they did...however luckily they did put me on the list as of when I took the NET test. Then I had problems registering with the computer. I called people from 9am-2pm until finally I figured it out my self. Only then did one person I left a message with help me out...but I did get a lot of oh thats not our department! Now I am having fun with financial aid...First they wanted to make sure I really did have a bachelors degree (because I marked a yes in that box....which if I said yes...I meant yes ha) Next they said I needed a program of study....what would you call pre-nursing? For that I have called and emailed the financial aid department....hopefully the consider getting back to me soon....isn't school fun? ha.
  7. by   sweetjean143
    Things have been pretty smooth for me at Wccc. I had my transcripts sent there, filled out a request and emailed the woman who evaluates them, just to make sure. I am wondering how to go about transferring my net score from hfcc though. Does anyone know the gpa cut of for people who got accepted to the program last year? I am finishing up english right now, because my english didn't transfer, and it's looking like my pre-req gpa will be about a 3.6, and a 81 composite on my net test.
    There is so much to get in order, I still need my reference letters and my essay. Also the background check....and I know I'm probably missing something. But I do have the evaluation of advanced standing. I hope my Gpa will be good enough.
  8. by   DAMomma
    Hi Jillian, I got in with a 3.6. I also took my NET at Henry Ford last June. I had to pay a $3.00 transfer fee and they mailed a copy to WCCCD. Even though I called ahead of time before my application meeting to make sure they had it, I still took a copy of my results to the meeting....ya know...just in case. I remember the pack of things needed for the meeting, I checked my list so many times. I made sure I attended the first meeting just incase I forgot something...I could attend the other 2 application meetings.

    So you are applying for the Fall? Just imagine, next year this time you will be finishing your second semester in NS.....wow!
  9. by   sweetjean143
    When I went to take the net, I filled out a form to have the results sent to wccc. I had them mailed to district records. Is that where you sent yours? I am getting really excited.
    I am a little frustrated about my english class. I went to EMU for 2 years, and I took three english classes. I had tested out of the very basic one, so I took the 3 higher ones. None of those transfer to wccc as the one that is needed for the pre-req, so I am taking it online this semester with Kenneth Jannot. I was thinking "easy A" when I signed up, which would give me a 3.7, but he is extremely disorganized, and expects group work from us, and I cannot get my group members to do anything or even respond to my emails. So at this point I am hoping for a B.
    That's pretty funny that I'm acing my online patho class, but english is kicking my butt. :uhoh21: