U of D Mercy Accelerated Second Degree

  1. I am in the process of applying to UDM's second degree program and I was wondering what the GPA of those accepted is usually around.

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  3. by   ORgirl2010
    I am in and had a 3.9
  4. by   777RN

    Are you starting in January 2010? Do you know how many slots remain? Just out of curiosity, what was your major for your previous bachelor's?


  5. by   Magen1021
    I'm applying for the May 2010 spot and I haven't heard of the spots remaining. My previous bachelor's is from MSU in Dietetics and Human Nutrition and my GPA is a bit low, only a 3.3
    Do you know the average of students in your class period?

  6. by   parris
    I was accepted there with a 3.4 GPA from MSU with a B.S in Psychology. I did not have all course work finished when I was accepted either. I have no comment on the program because I chose to attend else where.
    Good luck!
  7. by   777RN
    Hello Parris!

    Where did you choose to go instead of UDM and why? What was the deciding factor? Cost? Convenience?


  8. by   parris
    I had to pick either UofM's accelerated or MSU' after I said no to UofD. I finally chose UofM for their reputation and that my boyfriend would be in Ann Arbor also. MSU had said no to me 3 times for their traditional program so it was nice to tell them no for once. Also I did not want to live in Detroit.
    Good luck.
  9. by   sophia26
    I was accepted for May 2010 and my undergraduate GPA was 3.8. My undergraduate major was Asian Studies, so nothing science related at all!! I'm excited to meet some of the other people who will be in class with me :-)
  10. by   ERRNinMI
    I just graduated from this program in May. I was accepted in December 2006 tho. I am sure things have changed since then. I know they now have two cohorts running, one that starts in Winter and one that starts in May. The only negative I would say is that the cost is outrageous. I chose to go there because I was not going to do 80 million different pre-req's for different schools. I have a bachelor's in Healthcare Admin and my GPA was 3.6. I graduated from UDM with my BSN with a 3.6. I just passed boards too. Good luck!
  11. by   777RN
    Hi ERRNinMI!

    Thanks for posting about the program. Please forgive the slight intrusion, but would you mind sharing how you financed the program? I am very interested in it, but the cost is what makes me hesitant. I don't want to finish with 10s of thousands of dollars in loans if I can help it.

    Thanks again for the useful info.

  12. by   ERRNinMI
    10s of thousands of dollars in student loans. Unless you are rich, or hit the lotto jackpot I don't see any other way you can do it. This is a program where you can't work much during it, so you have to consider how you will pay your bills and live while you are in the program. I had to take loans out just to live on as well. You can apply for financial aid, but aside from a small grant from the university based on your GPA from your first degree, everything else was loans! Hope that helps!
  13. by   jkb1999
    Magen--I am applying for May 2010 as well but am curious when you applied and when you found out you were accepted and your GPA, previous degree etc. How many courses did you have complete from their pre-req's when you were accepted?? I have my password to check progress but they haven't even finished reviewing my undergrad and master's let alone the pre-req's I took this year.

  14. by   777RN
    Hello again, ERRNinMI!

    Do you think you'll be able to participate in loan forgiveness programs that will cover most of the debt or are you finding that these programs are disappearing with the economy the way it is? I think the only way I'd be able to attend UDM is if I could count on forgiveness for most of the debt (80% or more).

    By the way, congratulations on your finishing the UDM program and your RN licensure.