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I am in the process of applying to UDM's second degree program and I was wondering what the GPA of those accepted is usually around. -Magen... Read More

  1. by   ERRNinMI
    I am not really sure what loan forgiveness programs your are referring to. The only programs like that I know of are ones in hospitals. For instance the hospital I work for gives you up to 6,000 towards your schooling but you have to agree to work for them for three years. Another thing I know if is that a couple of the small loans ($1,000) are written off if you stay working in an Acute Care Facility. I do not know the details of this yet. I opted not to take the money from my work because I didn't want to be locked in there for 3 years if something better came along. Personally, any amount of debt is worth a lifetime career of happiness and constant ability to change specialties, facilities, etc.

    Thanks for the congrats. Good luck to you!
  2. by   jkb1999
    I will be joining you for May 2010!! I am trying to find info on the grants like what kmb2009 posted in the other thread. Have you gotten anywhere with grants or financial aid?? jkb1999
  3. by   sophia26

    All I know so far about grants is that when I talked to someone from the Nursing department on the phone they confirmed the grants that are discussed on the website (based on GPA). I'm going to call them soon to try to figure out more... its kinda hard for me right now b/c I'm living outside the U.S. at the moment!!
  4. by   jkb1999
    I called the other day and they called me back the next morning.....yes, you will get the grant based on GPA which helps a lot!! I am also looking into NWLB but I heard that those monies are gone!! I am not sure I will qualify for much else but the fact that I will graduate in April versus the following Aug/Dec with other programs I feel outweighs the extra cost for me as I will have a job sooner!! Hope to see you at the orientation--guessing it will be March or April? Janene
  5. by   sophia26
    That's great that they called you back so soon. Its fun finding future classmates on here! I'm so excited to start in May, I can barely wait :-)
  6. by   jkb1999
    I found 2 gals that went/are going to U of D--one is in it now graduating in May and the other just graduated so I am going to pick their brains! I will share what I learn from them!! Janene
  7. by   sophia26
    Please do share what you learn from them! I'd love to hear from current/former students.
    My dad is an MD in Colorado, and he met a nurse a couple weeks ago there who graduated from UDM's 2nd degree program. She said it was crazy busy and very difficult but she really liked it. She also said that she moved to Colorado directly after graduating and had three job offers to chose from!
  8. by   kmd314
    sophia and jkb,
    I will also be joining you two in the may 2010 cohort! I'm glad this is letting us get in touch with people that will be in the same class. I've heard some great things about this program from a girl I randomly ran into. Were you able to find out anymore from the two people you met? Can't wait to get started and to meet everyone!
  9. by   jkb1999
    Kim and Sophia,
    Here are a few things I have gathered from the 2 gals. First they both warn me how hard it is--which I had already gathered and maybe because it was so fresh in their minds as they just graduated or are graduating in May. I just know it will be a roller coaster year. Here is what the one gal shared:

    As far as schedule goes from what I can remember- the first 2 weeks are health assessment. This is an all day type thing maybe 8-4 ish. There are quizzes and check offs everyday for that 2 weeks then at the end a formal check off with you and your lab partner doing the assessment in front of the professor.

    Once the 2 weeks are over, you will have fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology, pathophysiology, then an 'history of nursing' (I can't remember the exact name of the class). The way the schedule worked out for me was class 3 days a week and clinical 2. Clinicals can be on any day and any time. They don't care about where you live or your time schedule. Some people had Saturday and Sunday afternoon clinicals. You can plan on all 5 days a week being spent in either class or clinical. On top of that you get to go home and spend for me at minimum 3 to 4 hours a night just to keep up.

    Tips that may help you are to be organized and plan out your study time. If that means going to starbucks or the library- then do it. You have to make the time in order to be successful. There were about 10 out of my class of 40 that did not make it through. I found it helpful to have a study group. You will want to get a group pretty quickly of a few people who are reliable that you can work with.

    Clinical all 3 semesters!
    1- fundamentals/psych
    2- OB/ peds/med surg
    3- Advanced med surg/ community/preceptorship

    ***Look forward to meeting you both!! Janene
  10. by   NY1963
    Hi! I graduated from the UDM accelerated BSN program in May 2008. I applied in December 2006, was accepted, and still had 4 prereqs to finish before the program started in May 2007. During the first and second trimester, classes were held three days a week and clinicals were two days a week. During the last trimester, classese are two days a week and clinicals are three days a week. My clinicals were at Henry Ford (Med Surg), Providence (Med Surg), St John Macomb (OB), Childrens Hospital (Peds), and the John Dingell VA Medical Center (Psych). Clinicals can be on weekends, times are 7a - 3p or 3p - 11p. You have to submit clinical reports to your instructor on patients that you cared for. These reports can be 10 - 12 pages long and you have one report to do each week. Clinical instructors vary - some are more helpful than others...

    You'll have tons of reading and studying (try to form a study group - it helps!), UDM has a skills lab at the start of each trimester, and you have to pass a couple of Med Math tests. For each class, you can have 3 to 5 chapters to read each week. DO NOT FALL BEHIND!! DO NOT MISS CLASSES!!

    Most of the professors are good, they are available outside of class, and you'll have the reading assignments at the start of each trimester. To save some money, you can buy used textbooks. You'll have to print out the lecture notes - bring them to class so that you can highlight important info. Tests were multiple choice, but there were always two answers that seemed "correct".

    Tuition is high. I received $4000 per trimester from UDM for my GPA, a nursing loan, a private loan, and some Federal loans. The hospital where I am employed gives graduate nurses an extra $5000 per year for 3 years to pay towards student loans, provided that you stay there for three years. Given the current economic situation, I do not believe that they are still offering that for new grads.

    You will get through this program, but you must be committed and use your time wisely!
  11. by   sophia26
    NY1963, thanks so much for taking the time to write this! Its great to hear from someone who's completed the program.

    jkb, thank you also for telling us your friend's story!
  12. by   Sirena922
    How much is UofD's program?
  13. by   EGDnurse

    I graduated from the program in May of 2009, and wanted to add that it really prepares you for your board exams. Our passing rate was very high (over 90%) and still feel very happy with my choice in schooling. It was very expensive to attend, and I had to take out additional loans to live off while attending, because it is very hard to work during the program. I was able to pay off my loans in about 20 months with working some overtime, and sticking with a budget.

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