Summer Anatomy course anyone? (MCC)

  1. Has anyone taken the Summer class of A&P at MCC? Just wondering what to expect as far as the degree of difficulty. I'm pretty hardcore about studying so this isn't a slacking thread!
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  3. by   psalm
    I took A& P I in a summer class, it was 4 days a week, 4-hour classes, for 19 weeks. This was at Delta College in Saginaw/Midland/Bay City area. I did nothing but study. It can be done. Let us know how you do.
  4. by   MySimplePlan
    Ah, summer A&P courses...studying on the boat while everyone was out swimming. In at the kitchen table inside of outside with the fun neighbors. White legs instead of tan legs.

    Ah, having it over and done with by the time nursing school started. Priceless.

    (A pal 'o mine is taking it concurrently with his nursing class, and let me tell you, he is dying. He is always balancing which grade to torch this week, and which test to study for.)
  5. by   MIKelly
    I have heard that the summer session gets better grades than the regular semester, so you've got that going for you!
  6. by   deftonez188
    One ray of sunshine right there! thanks Kelly

    On the bright side of things, i've got 47 days to study ahead, and no other obligations during the time of school, so I can focus 100%, although I will be taking that as well as Nutrition too
  7. by   MIKelly
    Did you get your text and course objectives yet? You need the objectives (which is a $6 packet of papers that you will put in a three ring binder). Most of my class didn't have it on hand the first day and we were all running to the bookstore to grab one. I think you would still need it for the accelerated class? You don't need the new version of the text, either. The fifth edition is adequate. I never used the software that comes with the new text, well, just once. They have it at the library if you get an older text and don't have it. I found it helpful to already know many body parts before I started! It's the physiology that kicks butt. If you want to buy a used copy of the lab text, I'll sell you mine!
  8. by   deftonez188
    Thanks a bunch! I've already got two copies of the lab text though lol, do you need an extra?

    I'll definetely go pick up the course objectives, is it kinda like an outline of the class and what is to be covered?

    Oh and the book already came in, but I go through, so I got it for $90 still sealed, not a bad deal

    Physiology, oy! What to say, well I know some of it like how the reproductive system works, tRNA, mRNA, etc..or is that not really what you meant?
  9. by   MIKelly
    The course objectives have the objectives (what you are supposed to know after you've covered each unit) and it also has the keys to the lab text.

    There actually wasn't much dna stuff in A&P. What I found most difficult was the hormones!
  10. by   deftonez188
    I'll be sure to hit the hormones up then most definetely :P

    How would you classify the labs? fun, interesting, nervewracking?
  11. by   MIKelly
    I loved lab! I actually loved the class, I think the human body is very interesting! In lab you just sit around with your table mates and play with the models, or study the charts. I didn't take advantage of the lab time like I should have, actually. It's too easy to goof off! Lab tests were fun, the professors label models and photos and charts with numbers and you have 1.5 minutes to answer two questions at each station.
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  12. by   hartms01
    I took a summer A & P at MCC center campus a few years ago. If you're a hardcore studier, you'll have no problem. You will be studying the majority of the 6 weeks, so don't make any plans to have fun. But it's good for breaking you into those nursing classes!!!
  13. by   deftonez188
    I've started studying now, doing about 4 hours a day currently, pretty much reading 30 pages a day and memorizing anatomy features as they come up, of course, it's blowing my skull up lol...the supraorbital condyle of the transverse zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. by   oguesswhat
    Luckily I happen to have at least some previous experience with anatomy so it won't be AS bad. However I am taking the summer session at Henry Ford which is something crazy like 7 weeks long.