respiratory therapy program at HFCC

  1. Hi I've been trying to find a site for respiratory therapy students but cant find anything!

    i have a question tho, is anyone in the respiratory therapy program at HFCC? I just got put on the list and was wondering how long the wait is typically? they say 24 months but thats what they say with nursing and i know people have gotten in, in less then a year. i will be on the nursing program list also end of june i just cant figure out what one i would like to do.
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  3. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    What are the pre reqs for repiratory program?
  4. by   yasy21
    RTH Program Admission Requirements
    1. Minimum College GPA of 2.70 (4.0 scale) - (if student has completed at least 12 credit hours excluding
    lower than 100 level courses) OR high school grade point average of 2.70 (4.0 scale), if no college GPA
    has been established.

    2. ASSET Reading score of 43 or better OR COMPASS Reading score of 84 or better.

    3. Assessment score sufficient for placement in ENG 131. This requirement may also be fulfilled by
    successful completion of required developmental English courses or completion of ENG 131 or its equivalent
    with a C grade or better.

    4. MATH proficiency as demonstrated by successful completion of MATH 080 or its equivalent with a C
    grade or better OR COMPASS Algebra score of 46 or better.

    5. Successful completion of BIO 233-Anatomy and Physiology I, with a C grade or better.

    6. Successful completion of AH 100-Medical Terminology, with a C grade or better.

    7. Successful completin of CHEM 131-Principles of Chemsitry, with a C grade or better.

    Individuals new to the field of Respiratory Therapy may find it helpful to job shadow a Respiratory Therapist.
    This will give new students the ability to see first hand the wide variety of responsibilities that are part of
    the profession. Contact your local Respiratory Care department to arrange for this opportunity.
  5. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    The respiratory therapy program has fewer pre reqs. I might consider that. But is there a demand for it with ppl who only have an Associate's degree?
  6. by   Hudini
    Fewer Pre-reqs but a longer program for core classes...
  7. by   Hudini
    Yasy...I see you're having problems with reading portion of NET....Did'nt you have to take Reading Compass to get on list for respiratory therapy?
  8. by   yasy21
    in addition to the ones i listed for you, you also need to have a computer class POLS 131 and BIO 234. its actually about the same as nursing but nursing requires you to take pharmacology instead of AH100. RT are also high demand just as nurses are. and a associates is also good, as long as you are certified in RT you can get a job anywhere. nurses get paid a little more then RTs by like $2-5 an hr so its not a big difference
  9. by   yasy21
    HUDINI, you know what is crazy i scored a 97 on my English u compass... why i couldn't pass the English portion on the NET i really don't know. i think it was anxioty and timing. but i have the test again june 6th and im almost 100% sure ill pass this time.. even if i do pass i still might stick with RT. I dont know yet
  10. by   stillwating
    I actually graduated from respiratory therapy at hfcc in 1996. It is a great program. When i entered the program in 1994 the program had a 12month waiting list 9not many students drop out of respiratory). I would say take any pre-and co-requisits (nursing and respiratory have many of the same in common). If you get into respiratory before nursing, don't worry too much because when you become an RRT then you can take nursing at Excelsior college through distance education (it is an accredited college). I only completed my CRT and the new rules have locked me out of the ability to take the RN through Excelsior because I no longer work as a CRT. Good luck!!! Both of these professions are excellent. Also getting a respiratory degree at henry ford is much sought after. all throughout my clinicals the instuctors and department heads of the hospitals raved about hfcc's respiratory and nursing students. A lot of my clssmates took jobs as students right after their first clinical (most were asked to apply for the jobs during the clinicals).
  11. by   Hudini
    You no longer work in the field? Also, what was drop out (attrition) rate of your class?
  12. by   Hudini
    Also, I read your prior posts...If you graduated from respiratory in 94 why are you going for Nursing? Why can't you become a RRT and take the onlinenursing like you suggested?
  13. by   Hudini
    Why are you trying to get in nursing program?
  14. by   stillwating
    Because i am Canadian and not American. When i graduated from respiratory in my city there was only 1 position open and about 40 therapists without work. I worked in the states for practical training because I went to school in the states; but you cannot get a TN visa in that profession (also I did not have a bachelors degree so putting me in as a scientific technologists was impossible...which is how most canadian respiratory therapists get visa's to the U.S...well besides marrying an American). Why did i decide on Nursing? I decided nursing because I enjoy the health careers industry. I have been in other industries that pay just as well, but a health career is where I am happiest....and who doesn't want to have a career that brings them joy on a daily basis?