Relocating to Southeastern Michigan - Help

  1. I am currently in prereq classes in GA at a technical college. I'll be able to finish the Health Care Assistant portion prior to moving. I want to proceed forward once moved to Michigan (Summer 2008). Can LPN be done thru Community Colleges or Technical Schools in Michigan? All info will be appreaciated and I thank you in advance for taking the time to reply.
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  3. by   pbear67
    There are community colleges that will allow you to complete your LPN here in Michigan. Some are ladder programs that you can build on to complete the RN program,too, if you wish. Where in Southeast Michigan are you thinking of moving to? Washtenaw Community College is in SE Mich.(Ann Arbor, I think?). Lansing Community College is in Lansing, admission is based on points, check their website for details, and there is Jackson Community College. I would go to their websites for admissions details, waitlists, etc. Each school is different as far as requirements and waitlists.There are many more schools out there as well. Baker College is private, but still is very competetive to get into their program. They have several campuses throughout Michigan. I know they have a nursing program in Owosso and Flint. If you aren't moving here until next summer, maybe you could get a head start on your prereqs.
    Good Luck!!! :spin:
  4. by   JennieJenRN
    I know washtenaw discontinued their LPN program years ago and I don not think thet reinstated it. Wahtenaw does however have a RN program. In Michigan most LPN's are not hired in at hospitals so think about that. Rn would be the way to go if a hospital is what you want. I lived in Atlanta for a year Welcome!