prerequisites online? locations?

  1. Hi! Does anyone know of any community colleges that offer a large number of online courses? I know LCC has quite a large number of online classes....any others?

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  3. by   SnowStar4
    Macomb has phys ed, nutrition, and psych, and ethics online. I'm not sure about the others since I didn't need them.

    I also took A&P and micro online through a school in Colorado (where I just moved from) which was a nice option. You don't have to be a resident to take it.
  4. by   Imagine.Peace
    I've taken quite a few online classes at Schoolcraft in Livonia, MI and have been very happy with how the classes are set up. They offer quite a few different classes including many of the common nursing prereqs: Nutrition, Algebra, CIS, English 101 & 102, Government and Developmental Psych. Here's a link to the online classes they offered for Winter 2009:

    Good luck! :heartbeat