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I applied for Wayne County Community Nursing program 01/2011. I have yet to hear from the college if accepted or not :crying2:. Has any WCCCD applicants heard back regarding their applications?... Read More

  1. by   ladylinton1
    "If you are referring to the NLNAC Accreditation, then you are correct. WCCCD lost theirs quite a few years ago (10+ I believ). However, they are still accredited through the state".

    With WCCCD losing their National accreditation does that limit me from practicing in states outside of MI?
  2. by   Ashleyjean87
    My classmate and friend called the nursing department today and we were told that we should know by the end of the month! Best of luck to all!
  3. by   Ifuturenurse
    what is all this wait for.. i mean why is it taking for eveerrrrrrrrrrr..
  4. by   Chef.Jackie
    Good luck guys, I am sure the waiting is horrible and I know I will be there too this fall when I am awaiting my spring 2012 acceptance.

    Anybody out there applying at the June meeting? The competition is FIERCE. I am nervous with my 3.9.
  5. by   Alibrahimi
    Good evening ladies and gentelmen ,

    My first post here! I applied like most of you here for the fall semester , have been anxious for the last few months awaiting a response. Although I applied with a 4.0 GPA , My teas average was a moderate 79% , reading was mid 90%.

    I hope we all recieve happy letters!

    kind regards ,

  6. by   J's Mom
    Waiting for a letter as well for September 2011. Good luck all!
  7. by   J's Mom
    Good luck to you as well. Maybe we will be classmates! Fingers crossed, prayers said!
  8. by   J's Mom
    Good luck to you as well! Maybe we will be classmates!
  9. by   Ifuturenurse
    i called the nursing office last week and was told that the letters will be sent early next month and when i called today, i was told that the letters will be sent Monday or Tuesday of next week. Good luck to all and hope to be classmates. To those who don't mind sharing there GPA and tease scores, i would like to know what i am competing against! What are the GPAs and teas scores? lol :-)
  10. by   Do-over
    Whew! Good luck to you all - I remember the waiting game and am SOOOO glad that school is over for me =)... well, the associate's degree anyway.
  11. by   J's Mom
    I am currently waiting to hear for WCCCD program for fall 2011. My gpa 3.78, TEAS 75.6 ( Would have been higher if I didn't timeout on some sections-math) How did everyone else do, as far as scores & GPA?
  12. by   Medic11
    I have a 4.0 and scored a 90 in reading 75 in math and 76 overall on the teas.
  13. by   Alibrahimi
    Well that's a big development. Thanks futurenurse for the effort, It would be nice if we receive them late next week. As to the scores, I'm more concerned with the application itself than the actual scores. But like I said earlier, I applied with a 4.0 GPA 95% on the reading , 79% overall (the natural science was a killer , just unexpected for someone trying to be a nurse)

    The last two years have really been a blessing for me in terms of academic progress, so I'm hoping an acceptance will cement what I've been working to achieve. Otherwise Its going to be tough with the current economic situation.

    Goodluck !