Oakland University vs U of D Mercy

  1. This question is for anyone who can answer. I know U of D is a private college, but does anyone know how much of a difference it is in tuition from Oakland University's Nursing program?
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  3. by   07302003
    When I checked it out 4 years ago U of D was MUCH more expensive, however they may have scholarships, etc. I've heard great things about U of D being very personalized, small, you're not just a number. Last I knew they had different pre-req's, so you may want to investigate more before doing all your pre-reqs.
  4. by   Sirena922
    Thank you 07302003, I will do that. Which school did you attend?
  5. by   Cartman1532
    I have attended Oakland University and have been accepted into U of D-Mercy's May 07 cohort SDO program. I decided to attend U of D because it has a very good program and had good connections with the Community. Their classes are smaller and they seems to actualy care about thier students. The Admissions process was also very good with the personnel at U of D being very professional at everystep of the process. It is more expensive--but you get what you pay for.

    Good Luck
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  6. by   07302003
    I attended Wayne. Some excellent professors, good resources, but very impersonal, the bureaucracy of Wayne itself is awful. Not a lot of support for students that struggled or had any number of personal or school related difficulties, we supported each other basically. But the price was right and the location was right, so it was the best choice at the time.