Oakland University ABSN Program

  1. Hi Everyone.

    For the past 2 years I have watched this board, trying to gain knowledge on the admission process for OU. Finally, in one month, I will have completed all my pre-reqs, and will submit my final grades, in order to have my application processed. I need to complete my goal statement, too ;-)

    There are many older OU threads...but I thought I would start a new one for those of us who will be interviewing (hopefully) in 2012. Please reply if there is anyone else out there who will be going through the process this winter!

    Looking forward to meeting you!
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  3. by   steph0502
    Gosh! I feel like I could have written your post myself! I too will be completing the pre-reqs in December and I too still have to write my goal statement! I hope to interview at some point in the winter!!
  4. by   Ryba
    Hi there-
    I also completed my pre-reqs last semester and am waiting to get the call for interviews (expect that in March). I'm currently taking the patho class and dev psych.
  5. by   ssmom
    Hi. Im in the same boat. I was told I should be interviewing in the summer....I also applied to u of m so I think the timing of the acceptances, if I am accepted, will be super close. It's nice to think I will have to choose, but the reality is who knows if either will accept me!
  6. by   AddisonLawrence03
    when was the deadline for fall 2012. and when can students apply for spring 2013? (im talking about the traditional bsn program)
  7. by   Ryba
    Got the email to schedule an interview today for the Winter 2013 cohort. I sent in my preferences but haven't received confirmation yet. Anyone else?
  8. by   BELIEVE1253
    I got an email, as well, and have an interview tomorrow! Ahhhh. Very excited/nervous! Good luck to all
  9. by   ssmom
    How was your interview back in february? Did you hear from them yet about acceptance?
  10. by   Ryba
    I don't think we will find out until April.
  11. by   BELIEVE1253
    The interview went fine! The woman who interviewed me told me we would hear back by mid-late March; however, it seems as though the word on the street is actually April. More waiting for now......
  12. by   blue0101
    Are any of you guys taking Patho or Informations in the fall of 2012 at OU? I'm registered for both online classes.
  13. by   Ryba
    Yup taking both. Do you start the ABSN program in January? If so, we have a Facebook page.
  14. by   blue0101
    I applied for a start of May 2013. I did join the facebook group just to follow you all through your process though.