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What are the pre reqs for thier nursing program? On the site I only see about 7 classes.... Read More

  1. by   jugre
    Quote from Ms. Nurse Assistant
    I don't even remember that far back lol I know I passed Algebra 1 in high school, not sure about Algebra II. As for Chem, I was never good in that, probably a D
    I know how you feel! I knew that I got a bad grade in Chem in high school and I had no idea if I had to take Math or not! You should get a copy of your high school transcripts. You'll need it to apply to the Nursing program. That way a counselor can tell you if you need to take it at OCC. Be sure to talk to a counselor that is familiar with the program.
  2. by   skitty4444
    I actually go to PSI in Ohio for the LPN. I was thinking of going to Oakland for the LPN TO RN. I have done all my prereqs for the assoc degree at WCCCD, and it looks like they accept them, I need 1 or 2 for Oakland.Its probably harder to get in to the Rn program because of the many applicants. They sounded like they dont get as many for the rn to lpn program. They do favor those who have taken the prereqs there I read.
  3. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    My counselor told me the LPN program was easier to get into.

    Since it's a bridge program are you guaranteed to move on to RN?
  4. by   skitty4444
    I haven't been up to the college yet. I am in an LPN program in Ohio now and almost done. You can't even apply for the lpn-rn until you have a liscense. But thye have different programs there for those who go through the whole thing.
    There's never a guarantee, but if you get good grades Im sure you will have a good chance. Good Luck
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