No Worker Left Behind question

  1. hi everybody!

    i have read just about all the threads about the nwlb program. i currently live in grand rapids, mi working in a hospital but might move to detroit for the lpn program. my question is that has anyone ever tried to apply for a grant and currently working in the healthcare field?? hope it makes sense, everyone on this site have been awesome and very helpful! thanks!
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  3. by   shannonmarie7
    You can apply while you are working if your personal income is $40,000 or below.
  4. by   sunflower777
    Thanks a bunch!..I thought that you had to be unemployed...I appreciate it!
  5. by   Libberino
    I started the process for NWLB in April. First you attend the orientation then the career trends workshop then two weeks later the Career exploration prep workshop, then the TABE test. Now, I took the TABE test on 6/1/09 and we are suppose to wait 4-5 weeks for the results. Man, I just want to get into the program! Can anyone help me out with the ins and outs of this program? Is anyone in the program? I want to do the LPN classes. Please let me know since I am getting very discouraged!
  6. by   sunflower777
    Libberino, I totally feel you on this one for real! ..I'm sooo frustrated and haven't went to orientation yet in which I have an appointment in July. i'm hearing so many things and plus I was thinking about moving to Detroit. They have a LPN school that has a 6 months wait.
  7. by   stephanieana
    You should ask your career counselor what the waiting period is up to now. I was laid off from my job in January, and even though it seemed to take FOREVER, I was able to start college through NWLB for the spring/summer semester at Jackson Community College. But since there have been even more layoffs lately, I hear that there is a two semester waiting period...that just may be a your career counselor at Mich Works to find out for sure. Good luck!
  8. by   want2beanurse2
    Hello, You are allowed to visit any location in Michigan, just be aware that which ever location you begin the process you will have to finish at that location or start over new at another location if you choose but each office is ran seperately so they will not transfer any forms (mail or fax.) I attended an orientation session 5/28/09 the next step used to be taking a "tabe test" but now I think they've eliminated that step until your actually approved. The next step for me is eligibility (submitting Birth certificates, pay stubbs, ect...) Which the soonest appointment was 7/15/09. I would call before going, just for the fact that most locations may only do orientation on certain days and times or the week. (you are not alone, there may be at least 20 other people in attendance) I live in Oakland County, I had to go and sign in early that morning just to get admittance to the orientation session and return later that day. Now the part that still puzzles me is I thought this was money from the state? the lady that did my orientation stated that it's instead Federal money. She told me that if I wanted a sooner appointment or got denied at one location I was free to "shop around" I dont understand that if this is Federal money how can one location deny someone and then that same person complete the process at another location with the same documents and get approved? Are the offices not on the same page? Do they have a different selection process? Good Luck to all those who are applying! If you're thinking about it hurry because more and more people are getting laid off each day and you will be at the end of the line.
  9. by   Anne36
    Hi, I tried to get money for school thru the NWLB program last year. For me it was a huge waste of time. I played the game for a few months attending the orientation and doing the testing, etc. In the end it didnt help me get money for school because the program will not pay for pre-req's. If you are interested in a nursing program and have not gotten some college behind you already, you will have pre-reqs.

    I had to take out a student loan. This year I still need to take 4 more classes before I can apply to a program. The NWLB will help to pay for a nursing program once you are accepted.
  10. by   Anne36
    For Stephanie, how did you get money for community college classes? Are you already enrolled in a program?