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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm so very glad I found these forums. I found a pregnancy forum website when I got pregnant with my daughter and it helped me so much so now that I'm taking another big step in life and going back to school I know these forums will be a huge asset to me.

    I am planning on starting back to college in the Spring semester at HFCC. I attended years ago but could never make up my mind on what I wanted to do. So after an almost 9 year break I've decided to get my Associates in Nursing. 3 of the classes I took way back when, Eng 131, 132 and Psy 131 still count so I don't have to take them.

    I'm scared silly but also so very excited to be going back. I have alot of support, my mom is a RN and my Uncle has his Masters in Nursing. I'll be taking 1 class a semester and should have what I need to get on the wait list at the end of the Winter 08 semester and I'll have my prereqs finished by the Winter 09 semester, if everything goes as planned. I work full-time now but plan to quit my job when I get into the Nursing program so I can focus on school and still have time for my now 18 month old daughter.

    Again, I'm so glad to have found this place. I tend to ask tons of questions about everything so having people going through the same classes and situations as me will be such a blessing.

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  3. by   oguesswhat
    Thats great. I am starting at Henry Ford this spring too. I will be just a little ahead of you though since I have been on the wait list since Feb. I am hoping to be accepted into the actual program as of Winter 08 though I will probably have to wait till Fall of 08 sooo its exciting. Have you scheduled your classes for spring, summer, and fall? I have and rearranged and changed them at least a few times...just a little OCD I know
  4. by   scarlet24
    I havent' registered yet, but I probably will early next week, waiting on my funds to come through. Hopefully the classes I need to take aren't full. My counselor told me I should take to take Math 074 in the Spring, SOC 131 in the Summer, BIO 233 in the fall and CHEM 131 in the Winter. Once I finish Chem and take the NET I'll be on the waiting list. After that I only have 3 pre-reqs left to take, Bio234, Psy 253 & AH120.

    I'm just bummed I have so much to do before I get on the loooong wait list and only 3 classes after. But I guess I'll be able to take my time, do one class at a time and I'll have everything done before I start. So maybe if I'm lucky I'll be starting the Nursing Program in Fall of 2009.
  5. by   Anne36
    HI Scarlett. I'm new to this forum too. JUst browsing around to get info, and it has been really helpfull.

    Oguesswhat, I am looking for a cna class and am so far just finding the best priced one is $800 with Red Cross. I'm close to OCC Highland Lakes so am hoping to get into doing some pre-req's in the fall.
  6. by   oguesswhat
    First of all scarlet24 why don't you take Chem 131 in the fall so you can be put on the waiting list then? you will have to take the 2 BIO classes PSY and AH while on the waiting list. I am taking PSY in the spring, BIO 233 in the summer (someone please shoot me! ha) and BIO 234 and AH 120 in the fall. So if I am accepted to the nursing program in the winter I will only have to take SOC during that time which isn't bad.

    For Anne36 I am not sure of where there are any CNA courses at. However I know there is a LPN class in Ohio (like Toledo) I am not sure where Highland Lakes is so I am not sure if thats far from you or not. I live about 25 mins south of Detroit and so it takes about 40 mins from here. Anyways a girl I work with is going to start it soon. It takes 1 year but it is a lot of classes so I don't know if you have a lot of free time you can give up to it. If you are interested though I can probably find a little more info about it from her.
  7. by   scarlet24
    I would love to take Chem in the fall but my counselor said I need to take Bio 233 in the fall for my Bio 131 class that I took a while ago to count, otherwise I'd have to take it over again since it's a pre-req for Bio 233. If I don't take it this fall my Bio 131 will be outdated. So I decided to come back just in time. I wish you luck with taking the Bio in the summer, I'd do it then but I have an 18 month old and I work full time so I want the longer fall semester to do it in so I have more time to concentrate on studying.

    It'll take me a bit longer but I have to be thankful that my Eng 131 132 and Psy 131 still counted or I'd be in rough shape