New here, from Wayne state, few questions!

  1. Hey guys, been browsing this forum for a while, just signed up recently to leave some feedback. I had a few questions if you have the time! I am currently obtaining a BS in biology from WSU. I am halfway through the program(expecting to walk Dec 2010). I have been wanting to get into nursing for awhile but dont believe I can get into a nursing program without a wait. My plan was to finish up my BS in BIO and apply for the accelerated program at any of the schools in michigan. Would this plan be more beneficial in the long run as opposed to trying to get into EMU or any other nursing school right now? I have looked at PA, but believe I would like to take the path in Nursing. It seems that the amount of time spent in school would remain the same, if not longer in the nursing program. Also, would I be getting into thin ice with a GPA of 3.1 trying to get into an accelerated program, or PA, if I eventually decide to? I still have a bit of time to get my GPA up, but my first year of classes hit my GPA hard and I have been recovering ever since.
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  3. by   god-is-love
    hi jeffreyd,:d

    i think ur chances of getting into wsu's accelerated program r really great. wsu rates their admissions in2 the cd2 by priority. if u take all of ur science classes @ wsu & get @ least a 2.5 u r admitted (first). for example, if some1 from another college/ university applies & they have a 4.0 g.p.a. & u have a 2.5 g.p.a. u would get admitted first bc u took all of ur classes there (u have a great advantage bc of this). now ur only competition would be those students that r taking all of their classes @ wsu and maintaing a higher g.p.a than urs. don't think u have much 2 worry about bc wsu usually accepts a 100/ more students (don't quote me on that, going on past stats). apply early so u can gain early acceptance for the fall 2010. i am sorry i don't know anything about emu, but wsu has the best nursing program in michigan & they have a 97% success rate on the nclex after accepting more students in2 their program than most universities. hope this helps.
    good luck & god bless :heartbeat
  4. by   JeffreyD
    wow, I did not know that they take their own in priority to others. That IS excellent news, thank you for calming my nerves. I have been working my butt off in Bio classes, hopefully itll pay off!
  5. by   WayneStateKatie
    I go to Wayne State and am in the nursing program. They do not admit 100 students a year per program. Fall 2008 they admitted 48 into the traditional and 48 into the CD2 program NOT 100 or more per program.

    The accelerated program is competitive-- the lowest GPA admitted in fall 2008 for CD2 was high it was more competitive to enter the second degree program than the traditional program. You also do not have automatic admission if you meet the minimum requirements-- the website and a counselor will tell you this.

    GPA is calculated based on your prereqs only-- they won't take other classes into consideration. They're doing new items as well for the CD2 program including reviewing videotaped interviews.

    WSU offers early admission to CD2 students who have a minimum 3.5 gpa (not 2.5), all prereqs taken at WSU, and no repeats.

    Please attend an info session; if you finish your degree december of '10 the earliest you will be able to start would be fall 2011 for a CD2 program. That gives you plenty of time to retake some of your prereq classes if those are the ones dragging your GPA down (though it might be to your advantage to not repeat; a counselor would be able to help you determine this). Please go to an info session and talk to an adviser; it's true WSU gives preference to their own students, but I know many people who took many (not all) of their prereq classes at WSU with 3.5/3.6s and did not get in the program. I am not sure how strictly they stick to those "groupings" either; I seriously doubt they would take someone with all Bs and Cs at WSU over someone with all As at WSU/a community college even if that's what the priority system says.

    I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer, but I want you to realize it is competitive and there are many smart, talented, and qualified students who are not offered positions in the program each year. God is love made it sound like it's easy to get in the program, and it's not. It's not easy to get into ANY nursing program. I'm just trying to be realistic here-- talk to someone in the CON at an info session. If you have any questions I can answer I'd be happy to if I can. Despite my post I swear I really am friendly and helpful
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  6. by   JeffreyD
    WayneStateKatie. Thank you for the info, that sounds like more of the realism I have heard from other people as well. The reason my current GPA is a 3.1 is actually because I was previously in engineering and the higher level math classes, combined with some engineering classes, have pulled my GPA down a bit(calc 3, differential equations and some mid level engineering classes). I gained C's in most of those classes. I am not completely sure what my Biology GPA is, just my overall GPA. Could you send me some more information about the nursing sessions coming up? I tried to Private message you but it said I didnt have permission. My wayne ID is . Thanks!

  7. by   god-is-love
    hello waynestatekatie, ur post is somewhat valid and realistic (could b more encouraging), they did only accept 48 students this past fall because of low funding. that was probably the lowest they accepted in a while. i didn't mention that bc they currently have enough funding to accept around 100 students so that won't be a problem for the upcoming years. granholm just gave some of the nursing programs funding to admitt more students wsu being one of them. the info. session i attended in 2008 stated they admitted 117 (accelerated only) students so this has been done, this is why i went on past stats. i didn't want to make it seem like a breez, but i didn't want to make it sound overly impossible either when i know he has a great chance of entering in 2010. i myself was denied admission to wsu for the fall of 2008 bc i took all of my pre-reqs @ a community college (hfcc). i have a 3.9 g.p.a and i wasn't accepting a denial without an explanation when i know i had the stats to get in so i contacted every person over the program to figure out why i was denied and i even went as far as writing the governor (this is how i found out about the extra funding to admitt more students), they were nice enough to speak to me and it was explained to me that they only accepted 48 students that year and their students are given priority. it was explained to me just the way i explained it to jeffery d, seems strange that they would take some1 with a wsu 2.5 g.p.a. over some1 with a 4.0 g.p.a other college, but that is their priority and it was not only told to me, but it was on their website in so many words. this info. was given to me from a wsu administrator (not a receptionist/ counselor), not from a website, straight from the source and i climbed a high ladder because i was heated :angryfire. this priority has only been in place within the last couple of years, it wasn't there when i started my pre-reqs other than that i would have taken all of my classes @ wsu. they just encouraged me to roll over my application for this coming fall and offered to waive my application fee. as far as the video interview, this is something that is new,if u r granted early acceptance (wsu students) into the program u may not even have to go through it ( i saw this from another post so don't quote me on this). wsu is the only school that i have seen with a firm and straight forward admissions policy. there are no suprises with them, what u see is what u get, this is why i have so much respect for wsu. whereas other universities are complete the opposit. every nursing program is competative, the key is to do an extensive research and use all of the resources available for u to get in. every school i applied to i became an expert in, knowing their past stats and history and used that to my advantage, something alot of people don't do. even though i didn't get admitted to wsu and it was my first choice and i know i had the stats to get in it wasn't ment to be, i could go this year, but i have already been admitted to two other universities. i can be used as a resourse to take you a block, but it is up to you to take what i say and use it to go that extra mile. we have both given jeffrey d. valuable information (some people would kill for) from different perspectives, it is up to him to use the information provided to gain admission @ any means necessary. :heartbeat
  8. by   CorazonDeOro
    I went to an info meeting last fall and was told they accept between 50 and 70 students each year, not 100. I even have the documents I was given that say it. I would suggest you go to and look up info sessions and attend one. The advice here is good and all, but you should probably hear it from the actual Nursing department before you make your decision. I found the info session to be very clear and they left time after for students to talk to them privately about their situations.
  9. by   god-is-love
    sorry, correction i attended an info. meeting in 2007 & applied in 2008, the priority list wasn't even part of the criteria for admissions @ that time. :heartbeat
  10. by   WayneStateKatie
    JeffreyD I emailed you--check your inbox.

    And remember they don't care what your overall GPA is, just what your GPA is in the specific prereq courses they have listed!
  11. by   ejcl68
    If you want to get into Wayne, its best to do all pre-req's at Wayne period. They look at all groupings but Groups 1 & 2 have high priority. But even if you are in group 2(all pre-reqs at Wayne) you may not get in. Its all based on GPA and they set their min. based on the applicants. You should be well above a 3.0 to get in. I know people who only took a few pre-reqs and Wayne and had close to 4.00 GPA's not get in. Don't let anyone tell you different..take the CLEP exams if you have a low GPA. They like this over retaking classes. Also, focus on your science GPA - that holds a lot of weight. My two cents.
  12. by   oguesswhat
    Just a side note...if you get grants right now and you graduate with your bachelors and then go back you will no longer get grants. I graduated from Wayne State with a different degree 5 years ago. I only received loans for my nursing degree (at Henry Ford) So if that is a problem for may not want to graduate and just go into nursing from where you are at.
  13. by   ejcl68
    Not sure if anyone is active on this thread but I highly advise against repeating courses in order to get into Wayne. They state to their applicants that the last two admitted classes - none had any repeats. Be aware of this. You are better off with your current GPA vs. retaking classes. Even one repeat will almost certainly not get you admitted or even considered. Plus, if you have a repeat from many years ago, it will come back to haunt you.
  14. by   vbalcom
    I am in the WSU CD2 program and I did all of my pre reqs at other institutions. I had a 4.0 in my decision courses. I know of other people who did undergrad at Wayne who did not have a 4.0 and did not get in. The program is extremely competitive and now you must interview. Just a heads up!