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  1. Hey guys,

    I;m stumped and I need some help here. I;m currently taking A&P at WCCCD so I can transfer over to another school. I;m currently in A&P 2 instructor is a pure nutter.

    Lets start off by saying he's a chiropractor and he's "qualified to teach becuase I had to take like 6 anatomy classes and 8 physiology to get my degree". In the last four weeks he has said: The ONLY clotting disorder is hemophillia, Acid-reducing dugs (like Prilosec and TUMS) cause pneumonia*. When I asked him privately why he said that since I have reflux he said Acid reflux/GERD is NOT a legitimate diagnosis, my primary is a quack and just trying to sell drugs if he did diagnosis it, and "most cases there is not enough acid in the stomach" and *if* I truely have reflux the problem is the valve between the esophagus and stomach and not the acid. "TB was nearly eradicated in the 1950's, but is now on the rise due to AIDS"* (I brought in CDC and WHO reports to prove him wrong), he has told a fellow classmate "You should really look at vaccines, you never know what harm the chemicals can cause...just look at the rise of autism!"...and today took the freaking cake!

    1)Carbon Monoxide "smells like cherries" and we should only worry if we suddenly smell cherries.
    2)Energnacy/rescue inhalers "CAN KILL YOU", but it's ok becuase Asthma can be treated adn CURED by following a specific breathing method and drinking salt water at the start of an attack.* Also mothers should cover the mouth and nose of a child having an attack becuase the "body will realize there's an issue and correct itself"

    Note: EVERYTHING marked with a * is IN OUR NOTES. He felt these things were important enough that he included them in our notes. I was annoyed at him before, but his aside about asthma pissed me off becuase I AM asthmatic and the fact a teacher would say that could lead to someone being harmed or dying! I left class and reported him to administration, but I have no idea what else to do!

    When I question about about his crazy notes he tells me "I;m a doctor, you're jsut a student!", when I brought in CDC and WHO reports to disprove his statement about TB being "nearly eradicated" he told me "Thats neat, but it' jsut thier stats, not a real study" When I point out inconsistancies, like my boyfriend having a factor V mutation that causes clots - not hemophillia, or having reflux myself and never hearing about the link to pneumonia...he brushes me off and says I'll "learn the truth" in his class.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    It is clear that speaking with the instructor is a lost cause. Have you reported this to the next in line, which may be the chair of the department?
  4. by   Tabbymouse
    I filed a complaint with the campus administration, is WCCCD...there's nothing they can or will do this semester, and acording to his sylabus, this is like his 15th year teaching at the school so I;m not sure how much my complaint will even do.

    I did tell the ladies in the office why I wanted to fly a complaint, and even showed them the passages in the notes that line up with my claim and they quickly got my the form and handed it off to an administrator before I even left the office.

    I should also say - I don't care what his personal views are. While *I* personally think naturalpathy and homeopathy are bubkis, but if it does no harm, then it doesn't bother me. Hell, I;ve been known to keep peppermint or ginger candy on hand to settle my stomach, or chug some cold coffee during an asthma attack if I can't find my inhaler...but in this setting, we shouldnt' even BE talking about it. I don't understand how blaming AIDS on everything, or promoting anti-vax ideals benefits the students trying to learn about A&P