1. I just wanted to provide a little info on my nclex/licensing experience. I took my NCLEX on a Thursday morning 0800 and by 1630 the Michigan board of nursing had posted my license and emailed me a copy of it. I never imagined it would happen so quickly and am glad I don't have to pay Pearson for the "quick" results (48 hours is not quick!). I hope this helps someone!
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  3. by   SopranoKris
    Sounds like the new online system is much faster. When I took NCLEX 3 years ago, I had to pay for the Quick Results. Took the BON a week to post my license # on their site. Glad to know you guys don't have to wait so long. That was the longest 48 hour wait of my life...LOL
  4. by   LovelyInPink
    Thank you so much for this information. I take my NCLEX the day after memorial day and a few fellow nurses at work were telling me not to pay for quick results since Michigan posts the licenses so fast. I wasn't sure if that was just their experience but hearing your story makes me hopeful I will find out sooner than 48 hours. Thanks!
  5. by   LovelyInPink
    If anyone is searching for the turnaround time in Michigan for the BON to post license numbers, this fast time still holds true. I took my NCLEX at 8 AM this morning and around 16:15 I received an email from LARA that contained a copy of my RN license. No need to pay for quick results with this fast time.
  6. by   mslayt
    What about people taking it in at 10am or 2pm? Or on the weekends?