MCC winter registration

  1. OMG! Was anyone else stressing out last night at midnite ? I was logged into WA around 11:40, then I decided I better log out about five minutes till midnite, in case my session was going to time out on me. That was a mistake. I don't know who actually got properly connected to the website and was able to get their registration rolling, but it wasn't me ! I was dialing one phone and my husband was dialing his cell phone trying to register that way instead. Dh finally gets through, and then I mess up inputting my SS number and it won't allow me to correct it :trout:. So we went to work dialing again. He gets through again (this is 12:20 now) and I manage to register. I kept telling myself I was only competing with 30 other people for my clinical spot and half of them were probably sleeping soundly in bed anyway! So who's joining me in the Friday am clinical at St John Macomb in March (1630)?
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  3. by   deftonez188
    I have a funny story about last night. So like you, I waited until midnight and tried to register, ended up trying to get on the phone and internet but kept getting busy signals or timing out. Well, when I finally got through on the phone, I registered, funny thing was, my wife was finally able to bring up my class schedule right as I finished my phone reg. I was registered for each class I chose 5 times!! it wouldn't let me drop any of them either lol, I had to wake up when the school opened to let them know to fix it as I was holding about 5 slots in each of the classes I picked lol.

    Anywhoo, i'll be going to the Mount Clemens clinical, it's pretty close to walking distance from my house
  4. by   NBMom1225
    Hey, then my getting registered into each class twice isn't too bad:spin:! I have no idea why it happened...when I called MCC this morning to have them correct it, I heard the lady say to someone in the room "we have another nursing student who was registered multiple times.." You'd think they'd have a better system in place for this by now...:trout:
  5. by   NoviceRN10
    I think webadvisor is really screwed up. It doesn't show that anyone signed up for the clinical site I chose (me!), which freaked me out until I looked at my schedule again and I did indeed register for that particular site. I can't believe less than a third of our class hasn't even registered yet, what's up with that? It looks like only about 6 or 7 people bothered to do that today. Strange. And I was so worried I'd have competition to get the clinical site I fancied. Guess not.
  6. by   deftonez188
    So i'm looking at this mound of books, and all I can say is wow - how much of this am I going to read this semester lol

    I count 5-6 books and cd's etc etc - it's also been a slam to the wallet, and I wanted to be high speed so I bought a PDA w/ software which dented my bank acct as well

    How are the rest of you doing on getting supplies?
  7. by   NoviceRN10
    I still need two crucial books, and my lab coat, and stethoscope, and some binders. It is a big blow to the bank account. Ouch. I'm glad tomorrow is payday!
  8. by   NoviceRN10
    I just picked up the syllabus today for the first semester (1500s). It's not three inches thick like someone reported to me when they started in October. Does that mean she was bsing me, or am I missing 2/3 of it? I am excited to start reading and plotting out my answers for the assignments!
  9. by   NBMom1225
    I started in August, and ours was at least 2 inches thick or more...are you sure you also have the syllabus for 1520? that was 99% of the syllabus...
  10. by   NoviceRN10
    Quote from NBMom1225
    I started in August, and ours was at least 2 inches thick or more...are you sure you also have the syllabus for 1520? that was 99% of the syllabus...

    I have syllabus for 1510, 20, and 30. The papers are only about 3/4 inch thick. I asked the office person that gave it to me where the rest of it was, that I had heard it's three inches thick, and she said that was all she had to give me. It seems pretty thin. I didn't go through all the papers yet but there are three sections and some addendums to the reading assignments.