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  1. Hey There Fellow MCC Students,

    I'm starting to think about buying a PDA for the 1600s in the fall. I'm planning to buy the ipod touch 16g or 32g. I'm wondering what types of software and more importantly how many gigs of memory are needed. From what I've seen on I'll need a 32g but I'm not sure that will even be enough. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd rather not get a blackberry because I don't want to increase my phone bill.
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  3. by   SnowStar4
    I don't know anything about the IPOD space requirements but I bought the nursing constellation from skyscape for $89 and it contains enough everything I've needed so far (1700s). I also purchased the Tabers medical cyclopedia and think it is wonderful. People are always having me look up words for them.
  4. by   Momotwins38
    I have an i-Pod touch, and it has 8gb. I've downloaded skyscape's nursing constellation, for 89.00 and the added on Tabers (Which I highly recommend), and I've barely used any of my memory. I had started with a PDA and was not impressed. It cost more, and did not have enough memory. I would have had to purchase a flash card to up the memory, it was a nightmare, so I returned it. My only complaint with the i-Pod was that in downloading from skyskape, I needed to have access to both a computer and Wi-Fi connection. Now that I've got it loaded, I LOVE it. Some of my friends don't have one yet, and they are forced to carry their Drug Guide book all night, and they spend a lot of time having to go back to where they were because they'd set the book down and leave without it. If you can afford to get one--do it. This way you'll have the summer to play around with the features. A couple of my friends ordered their PDA fully downloaded directly from skyscape, so that might be an option for you as well. FYI they said it only took about a week to get once ordering it, and they didn't have to deal with the headache of downloading it themselves.