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Let's share our experiences !!! I just wanted to start a page for those who are getting ready for Macomb Nursing program 2014. I actually applied this year(2013) for the first time. Unfortunately... Read More

  1. by   melmobes
    If anyone calls up there again please let us know what they say
  2. by   EdParker
    Quote from amandahath
    I can't wait to just know. I am going to go straight out pay the fee and find out my rank. Then I am going to look for all white shoes and a new backpack.
    It would be nice if we knew what books are needed so we can start gathering those.
  3. by   EdParker
    Quote from melmobes
    If anyone calls up there again please let us know what they say
    I'm sure they are tired of people
  4. by   amandahath
    Any new news? Mail hasn't came here yet, usually comes around 12:30-1.
  5. by   alaynamarie
    Sane here..i had one piece of mail in the box really early but im hoping a neighbor put it there...mine doesn't usually come til 12 so im hoping that wasn't it
  6. by   amandahath
    I've been stalking my mail lady lately, so I am sure she is going to try and sneak so I can't hear her, but I am sitting right by my window like a creep… oh well.
  7. by   alaynamarie
    Ok my mail did come, my neighbor got theirs as well...UUUGGGHHHH.
  8. by   amandahath
    Darn it! Is this what torture feels like? I'm pretty sure..
  9. by   lz03
    Letters went out today per the enrollment office.
  10. by   DeannaThomas
    I didnt receive anything either....but like i said friday we probally wont get anything until wed i already exspected wed once we didnt receive anything friday again the enrollment office doesnt know wht they are saying they tell everyone something diffrentt
  11. by   melmobes
    Ahh! I'm nervous again! I went from being nervous to mad that our letters didn't come and now I'm nervous again! Haha ​thanks lz03
  12. by   a.carolina
    I'm freaking out!!!
  13. by   AlyKay
    Hello future nurses, I am new to posting on, but I have been stalking this thread for a long time!! I am also anxiously awaiting my acceptance/denial letter. Did any of you who applied this year take your CPR class? If so, where is a good place to take it, and what exactly do I need to take? I see on the Red Cross website they have all different CPR classes, but I couldn't find anything on Macomb's website stating exactly what to take, thanks in advance for any answers!