lpns and iv's

  1. Hello.
    I am a LPN, and cannot start iv's d/t this. Now I met a LPN who is iv certified in florida. Can LPN's do this in Michigan?? I am curious if this is a state rule about not starting iv's or a company rule (i work in nursing home.)

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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    i thought that all lpns could take a iv certification course but you need to check with bon for your state..check with your facility and see if they allow lpn-certified to do this
  4. by   ritarunningfeet
    In michigan it is based on the facility and maybe the department. The med/surg floor I worked on in one hospital didn't allow LPN's to start IV's. However the er I work in, our LPN's can start IV's. Both of these hospitals are in michigan.