Latoya's Health Education and Training Center

  1. I heard about this school from a couple of nurses at a facility I used to work at as a CNA. They told me it was only 1 LPN year program and the only thing you had to do to get in was have a HS diploma, pass a PSB test and complete and interview with Rosa (very very nice lady). I jumped right on that opportunity and was accepted in May of 2009. I am currently attending Latoya's and I love it as of today I have 8 months until graduation. I am so thankful for this school because if not for it I would still be waiting to get into Mott's program.
    Okay so the cost was 13,000 for my class but next year it will go up to 14,00 dollars. Which is still alot less then AMC's program and from what I hear Latoya's program is a tad bit better. But you know I am bias.
    But if you are currently on a waiting list or you want to change your careers I highly recommend that you try Latoya's. I believe testing to get in started on Jan. 20th and it will continue until the end of April.
    If you have any questions or you want contact information reply here .
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  3. by   ToBANurse2010
    While going through some of these posting I've ran across a few that talked about this place. If you don't mind can you send me more information about this program. You can send it to my personal email. Thanks
  4. by   SPNCandace
    hi i couldn't find your private email, but i can give you the contact information here. the phone number is 989-797-4602 this is the number the front desk. you can also visit the website at
    let me know what happends!!!
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  5. by   ToBANurse2010
    Thanks for the information. I'll call for more info in the morning
  6. by   SPNCandace
    Okay make sure you let me know what happends...
  7. by   MsAshley
    What is the pbs test? And did your financial aid cover all of that? Does the money have to be paid in one lump sum?? I'm sorry I'm trying to go to school to become an RN but the wait is so long that I considered the LPN as an option and then just do the bridge program. Do the credits transfer as well?
  8. by   SPNCandace
    The PSB test is just a competency test. It had four sections math, reading, biology and nursing competency on it. The tuition for the up coming year is 14,000 dollars. Financial aid doesn't cover this program. NWLB will. I only got 5,000 but that's because my caseworker was not to interested in helping me. You are supposed to get ten thousand dollars. There is no payment plan it all has to be paid for before you start your classes in October because it's a nonprofit school.
    I hope that this information helps you out.
  9. by   MsAshley
    Yes it does thanks so much!! The only unfortunate thing is that I am not so sure if I would be able to get all the money needed for the program before October. Specially if I end up in a situation like yours and am only given 5,000! I will have to think about this more and Saginaw also is kinda far for me. I live in Detroit.
  10. by   Anne36
    You only needed a high school diploma?

    What about A&P and Micro, all that? Do you take that in the program?
  11. by   SPNCandace
    Yes you do need a high school diploma. Thats all. You take A&P in the program but no micro. You don't need any prereq's to get into the program. I hope this helps.
  12. by   Anne36
    Its all the way in Saginaw. Do you know how long this school has been around? Do you know what the pass rate is from this school on the nclexpn? What is the lowest grade that you are allowed to get without getting kicked out of the program?

    It just seems odd to me that you take Micro and Anatomy with the program. The program at my school wouldnt be able to squeeze that in with everything else.
  13. by   SPNCandace
    Yes it is all the way in Saginaw. SO far I really do like the program. It's split into four semesters. In the first you have A&P and Nursing Fundamentals. The second you have Nutrition, Pharmacology and Med Surge one. In the third you have OB and Peds and Med Surge two. And the last you have Leadership. Anything below a 75 is failing. You go to school year round with a week break in the summer. I mean you have Christmas and Good Friday and holidays like that off.
    They have a very good pass rate and they have a good pass rate on the nclex. I do no know exact number but you can call the school and get all the information that you want (989)-797-4602.
  14. by   Anne36
    Thanks SPN, that sounds more managable than the program here. I would have micro, A&P, nutrition and pharm done before our program even starts. Im starting to wonder if the program at my school is way more work than it needs to be for the same job. I heard they changed the pass grade to above and 80 this year.

    Too bad Saginaw is so far away.