Lansing Community College questions

  1. Does anybody know what the cutoff was as far as points go for admission to LCC's program this year? I'm going to be applying for either the new accelerated program or for the regular program and I'm just trying to figure out what I classes I should take before I apply.
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  3. by   AnnaN5
    I believe they said the cut off was around 75 points. They did revamp the points scale though and you no longer get extra points for have a bachelors or higher. Besides that I am not sure what else they changed. I had 82 points.

    I will be starting the new accelerated program next month so I could give you more information about that after I start. To apply for that program you have to already have a bachelors or higher and you have to be done with all the pre-req/co-reqs. So you have to be done with phys, pharm, micro, etc. They say that even for the regular program to be real competitive you should have as many of the classes done as possible. I don't think having the minimum classes done gets you even close on the point scale anymore.
  4. by   robrtp
    I just got through the nursing seminar for 2010 and the necessary point value is up to 77. So essentially your best bet would probably have an associates degree and a 3.75-4.0 in all your necessary nursing classes. There are other combination that are just as probable, and that is only a matter of personal opinion.