1. Yes, yet another one of the countless (I'm sure) kids rolling in, hoping and wishing to be a real-live nurse someday, bright-eyed and eager...
    I paint such a lovely picture of myself.

    I am currently enrolled in the No Worker Left Behind program, just need to turn in my qualifying documents on Monday...I have applied for Financial Aid also...I'm lookin' hard at the nursing and health science programs at Washtenaw Community College...etc...realized that NWLB probably won't cover any of my classes...yaaaay...

    I also have had no education since I graduated high school. In 2001. Huzzah.

    I noticed the two-year wait on the Registered Nurse Program...which is cool by me, seeing as how it'll take me that to get my pre-reqs done. If not more. Can't do school full-time yet; I've got a nine-month-old doll who kinda relies on me. :redpinkhe

    Anyway, anyone else here been through/is going through the WCC programs?
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  3. by   gumby1411
    I'm not going through WCC, but I am enrolled in NWLB. I was accepted into the program about a year ago and I'm still waiting on the money. Don't count on that money to pay for school because the money has run out, but they are currently searching for additional funding. Keep your fingers crossed. I need the money BADLY! Also, they won't cover prereqs, only the program itself. HOWEVER, once you're in the program, ask about books. I've had NWLB pay for most of my books for my prereqs so far, just not tuition until I start the nursing program.

    Not to bear more bad news, but from what I hear, the community colleges in the area have more like a 3-4 year wait, not 2. Not sure if that's WCC, but Schoolcraft has a 4 year wait now. Crazy!

    Good luck, it's tough out here in the world of nursing school applications.
  4. by   lovesierra
    Hiya gumby...

    Yeah, I never had my heart set on that money to begin with. If I got it, great, if I didn't, well...I applied for FAFSA...and the CNA program isn't that much to begin with ($588). So...yup.
    I was told at my location (Ypsilanti) that there was indeed money left. We'll see about that...

    At any rate, my husband and I had a talk last night about the time commitment of going through nursing school. Not only would I have to wait (a minimum) of two years to get in, seven pre-reqs plus the CNA license, we're looking at another 3.5 years to complete.
    I don't want to miss my baby's childhood.
    We thought it was best if I started out with just a CNA, (hopefully) find a hospital job to start out with, so at least we have some income while my daughter grows up. When she starts school, then my days are freed up a little.

    My dream is to work in the Mother-Baby unit, no matter what initials are on my license.

    Isn't it just insanity on the waitlists?!? Holy crow!! Geeze, maybe we should be building more nursing colleges or wonder there's such a high demand for nurses! Nobody can wait six years for their job!
    What school/specialty are you going in for?

    (and thanks for the lucks.)
  5. by   gumby1411
    That's promising that the Ypsi office claims they have money left...I'm going through Livonia and have the worst case worker ever. I swear, how they find such ignorant people to work at the Michigan Works offices is beyond me. I really think a 5 year old could do a better job...

    You have to do what you have to do for your family. If that means delaying nursing school, then so be it. Nursing school will still be there by the time you're ready for it. I don't have any kids, so going back to school after losing my job was a no-brainer. Granted, I'm no spring chicken and my husband and I want to start a family...oh, like 2 years ago, but life handed us this hand, so we're dealing with it.

    As far as the waitlists go, I asked about that at one of the local school's information sessions (don't remember which school) and they told me that the problem is a combination of not enough nursing instructors and not enough clinical placements. There are only so many hospitals in metro Detroit and multiple schools needing placements for clinicals. So maybe we need a couple more hospitals in the area? Right...haha

    I am starting the accelerated BSN program at UM Ann Arbor in August. I already have a bachelor's from MSU, so I wanted to get my BSN in the minimal amount of time. The program is only 12 months and I'll have my bachelor's, so I'm pretty happy about that. The sooner I'm done with school, the sooner I get a job and start making money, the sooner my hubby and I can get crack'n on that family of ours. I'm not sure what specialty I want to head toward yet. I'm leaning toward labor and delivery, peds, or ER, but that could all change once I start clinicals.
  6. by   Anne36
    I applied for NWLB money 2 years ago and still waiting to finish my pre-reqs to apply for the program. Who knows if they will approve more funding? There is no wait list at OCC but you need to have all A, A-. The cut off was an A- average last round.
  7. by   Waitingtill2010
    If you guys are really interested in a nursing program that doesn't have a wait list, you may have to travel south to Toledo.. They have an outstanding nursing program at Mercy College of Northwest Ohio, no waitlist, however it is really competitive. I was accepted into the Fall 2010 ADN evening and weekend program.