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  1. I have applied to several hosp in MI- Henry Ford Hosp. Beaumont, Crittenton, DMC and got job offers...I fell in love with HFH BUT the pay really sucks....I'm at the top range with 15 years experience. Only HFH offered the lowest rate all the rest are about the same. Any thoughts??? I've been reading other posts and most everyone says HFH has better pay, benefits etc.... Just curious since I have all materials with me, interviewed with those hosp., etc. and to me the difference in health insurance and other benefits is NOT that significant. What is significant is the pay. HFH pay is about $4/hr less than the other hospitals... Also I know they don't give ANY raise at HFH at this time.
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  3. by   hopesgramcracker
    Hello, the only thing I can suggest is asking HF to match what another has offered you. Is HF offering less than what you currently are making? If so, ask them to at least match what you are making now. Good luck
  4. by   RN1982
    Well, I believe that Beaumont didn't give out a raise this year either if that helps. When I left Beaumont for HFH, I started off at a 1.5 less than what I made at Beaumont but was given a raise 3 months later. I got a bonus this year because HFH did well financially last year and most employees received a bonus. I'd rather have the raise but sadly with the current economy, hospitals are making cuts everywhere. Beaumont is cutting how much PTO they give, I don't know if employees got raises this year.
  5. by   jeffrey01
    I asked HFH but they can't match the rate. They said they have to maintain their integrity and thus can't pay one nurse more than what the other nurses w/ the same experience make. I'm going w/ Beaumont...The pay difference is really significant....
  6. by   RN1982
    what unit did you apply to?