HFCC Winter 2017

  1. Hey everyone. I just applied to the HFCC program for Winter 2017 and thought I would start a thread to see if anyone else will be applying too. I am pretty nervous and would like to get some insight as to how many points you had when you got accepted.
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  3. by   sn17
    I'm applying!
  4. by   mervin17
    Yay! do you know how many points you have on your rubric? I'm super nervous that I don't have enough!
  5. by   sn17
    I have about 75 points right now. What about you?
  6. by   mervin17
    Around 60 is what I think I ended up with
  7. by   sn17
    I think that would be fine! A lot of the points are also if you already have a degree or if you're a respiratory therapist, EMT, CNA, etc. and I don't think too many people will have those
  8. by   mervin17
    That's true. I can't remember what the admissions lady said about the points at the information session but I think it was around 45-50 is good? I do have extra points for ACT and a previous degree so hopefully that will help because my GPA is a little low
  9. by   sn17
    Yeah, my GPA is a little low too but I have extra points for a degree and ACT scores, as well. I did not attend an information session but if they said that 45-50 was good, then I would say you'll be fine
  10. by   mervin17
    Yeah I hope so! Just super nervous! Taking math right now and the class is pretty challenging expecally since its shortened so I could get it in before the deadline
  11. by   mervin17
    Do you know when they will make their decision?
  12. by   sn17
    I heard early September
  13. by   hawrsh20
    Let me know how everything goes guys! Hope to be classmates soon☺️
  14. by   sn17
    Yeah that would be exciting! I'm just anxious to know already. Good luck to you too!