HFCC NSG 155 struggles

  1. Well, I'm in NSG 155, and I think I may have to toss in the towel on this semester. I mean, I'll still go to class and all, but I don't know that I can get above my 80%.

    Test 1 - 45/57 = 79%

    The first ever test where I haven't gotten above a passing grade... And the teacher said to the class, "you shouldn't worry! Only 2 people in the class didn't get a passing grade!" I was relieved until I saw my score.

    So I cram the heck up for the fluids and electrolyte test. I call other nursing instructors, get extra materials (Fluids and electrolytes made incredibly easy) and take it (postponed a week because of the school shooting, that jerkbag)... and guess what...

    Test 2 - 42/58 = 72%

    wow. Guess I'm gonna have to clear up my summer, and that extern position I was hoping for? Not so much.
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  3. by   mybrowneyedgirl
    No worries. I promise you that test 3 and test 4 are relatively easy in that class. And the final is just everything you've already been tested on so review your tests. You'll get that 80 or above.
  4. by   Veruka
    You know, I had to re-take 155, and I thought it was the absolute end of the world at the time, but it ended up being the best thing for me! I actually UNDERSTOOD the material this time around, and got a great grade! So, if you do have to re-take it, it is NOT the end of the world! You'll just be that much ahead next year! And believe me, the year goes by FAST! Also, sidenote: my instructor last year (PS) told the class that people that "squeak by" in 155 often end up failing 221.
    So, don't give up. Mybrowneyedgirl is right - test 3 & 4: not bad. Keep at it, and whatever is meant to be will be.
  5. by   MySimplePlan
    Don't you dare give up.

    You have two tests left. Quit watching TV. Tell your friends you'll see them after May 8th. Get to like coffee. Stop cleaning your house. You are going to live, breathe, and be that Lewis book.

    Turn your phone off and no texting - set aside a SHORT time during the day for this; the rest - the phone is off. NO COMPUTER - that is a time sucker of all time suckers.

    IF you don't understand it by now, you are GOING TO 155 BOOT CAMP. You only have a few short weeks left of school - surely you can buckle down and study tour tailfeathers off, then you'll have a glorious 4 months to rest.

    The last two tests' worth of material aren't near as dry and crushingly boring as the first two - YOU CAN DO THIS. It's time to amaze yourself. That second test was delayed, and you still did poorly - you must work harder than you currently are now. Don't let anything or anyone get in the way of your goal. YES, the shooting was beyond horrible, but DON'T let it stand in the way of what you are working for. NO ONE could have prevented that - you have to focus on yourself right now. Say a prayer for the families, but sweetie, you have to keep going. The teachers and administration feel horrible, too, but not so horrible they won't fail you if you deserve it. Start punching through whatever it is that's holding you back - not putting in enough study time, self-doubt, lack of confidence - whatever it is, punch back.

    You sound as if you're giving up, and we are here to tell you that you still have a chance. C'mon.....get back in the game. Get mad. This is your life - take back control of it.

    Alright. I'm done. You have work to do. Log off and start studying!!!
  6. by   tifflat19
    That was the best inspirational speech I have heard in a while. This is why I love allnurses. You can always be sure to find someone who will tell you what you need to know and not what you want to hear!
  7. by   hfmf
    Test number 3? 43/56. = 77% This is ridiculous. There is seriously NO WAY I can pass the class now. I got jammed into the weekend session, we've had three different teachers telling us three different things. We CAN'T go to the review session, because it's right before class, and the teachers are acting like we're wasting their time anytime we want to review anything. I don't care WHAT'S said about DD, she is an awful instructor.

    The worst part is that I felt pretty good about the test. A lot of the test questions were just like ones that I'd seen in my studies and the other answers seemed to me to be easy to answer based on common sense. Then I get my test back and I get that! I'm WIGGING OUT!

    Tomorrow I'm gonna go see the dean to complain and see what her suggestion would be. I'm SO mad right now. I seriously just kicked a chair.
  8. by   MySimplePlan
    hfmf, I'm sincerely sorry you're struggling.

    I have to ask - how are your classmates performing? How are your grades compared to theirs?

    I agree that you should see the dean. There are some problems with that wknd. cadre, and she needs to know about the three different types of instruction you say you are getting. Just keep a cool head and explain your case. Negotiate, don't fight. She's on your side - try and remember that.

    Don't give up. It ain't over.

    Let us know what happens.
  9. by   oguesswhat
    Well technically if you get like an 87 out of 100 you can still pass...I know that would be really hard but you have a chance.
  10. by   J9G2008
    I will say that the final seemed surprisingly easy compared to the rest of the tests. Don't throw in the towel now...take the final and see how you do.
  11. by   Veruka
    Quote from J9G2008
    I will say that the final seemed surprisingly easy compared to the rest of the tests. Don't throw in the towel now...take the final and see how you do.
    Agree!! Also, test 4: VERY easy! Keep going! You can still do this!!
  12. by   amybethf
    U r at a 75% right now, you CAN still pass! Give it all u got and just buckle down. And stay positive, u can defeat yourself just by telling yourself u can't.
    Good luck!
  13. by   hfmf
    Well, it's over... fourth test I got a 44 on. I met with Dean KH this morning at nine to talk about the factors that kept me from getting good grades. After venting awhile, she told me that there was nothing she could do to get me cycled back in over the summer, she couldn't guarantee a fall spot, and that I may be waiting until winter of next year to get back on track. She told me to sign a form and fill out a letter saying what went wrong and how I'd correct it. I had signed the form before I asked her if it was a drop form. She said that it was, and that if I signed it, I wouldn't take the final and there wouldn't be a 5 credit D on my transcript. I declined to drop the class, and I think that I'm still going to take the final, but it looks like it's gonna be awhile before I get back on track.

    As for my complaints about the weekend clinicals, she said that she'd take my feedback VERY seriously. (blah, blah) I told her that wasn't enough, and I'm thinking about going through the due process. I feel wronged.

    -The review class wasn't available to anyone
    -I called DD 6 times to set up 1 on 1 sessions to go over the testing and the best I got was her bringing up my scantron one day after class while everybody was still lingering. I didn't want to ask about all of the questions I got wrong in front of everybody!
    -We didn't receive extra materials that I saw the weekday classes get
    -We had three instructors giving different intrepretations for every test.
    -For this last test, we did a module on Saturday and were tested on it the following Monday.
    -After we took the fluid and electrolyte test, we were given a handout on the material we had just tested on.

    Anyways, I'm not sure about the due process thing. I don't know if it would be beneficial enough to make waves, or if that would even happen. To her credit, I saw DD in the office right before my appointment, and she told me that she could see that I needed extra help, and that she was sorry that things just weren't available.

    I'm SO mad.
  14. by   mybrowneyedgirl
    I am so so sorry that you didn't pass and that you didn't receive any additional support. That truly stinks. I hope you cycle back in quickly and make it thru the rest of your program smoothly.