HFCC concerns about the NSG wait list........................ - page 2

There is a lot of competition which is a good thing. I know a May class starts next week, the Fall starts in August, and Winter in January. Everyone is told the wait is 1.5 - 2 yrs. I know for a... Read More

  1. by   Hudini
    Lets say L forgets to put you on after she says you're good to go? Then what?
  2. by   tonyal
    if she says your on then your on. when i went in to confirm i was on the list she had a big list and checked you off as you came in to confirm. so if she said your on you should be good to go...well actually good to wait
  3. by   momof2*s
    On webadvisor if you go in to the "program evaluation" it will show the date as to which you took the NET and that is the date you were put on the waitlist.