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  1. Does anyone know how many students they take at HFCC in the winter. I was currently placed on the list on July 17, 2008 and didn't make the cut for September, as they stopped sending out invitations on June 25th I believe.
    I'm hoping I can make the cut for Winter 2010. Also, if they still have the evening program, would that allow for more students to enter in the winter.
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  3. by   Halligan
    Thats a hard question to answer nowadays. They used to take about 40, than changed it this year when the implemented a new schedule and they took twice as many. However there are big changes, announcements coming soon, regarding admissions to the program and the structure of the program. With your waitlist date, make plans to start in the winter. But as anyone who has gone to HFCC knows, nothing is written in stone. You never know, you still may get called for the fall. As for taking night classes, heres how it works. Prior to this past Winter admission, all first semester classes were days only. This past Winter, they started a nights class/weekend clinical arraingment along with a days class/clinical group. Spots were done by lottery (your date on the waitlist). This was something new. This program was different in that the weekend people had 2 summers off, and instead off graduating May '10, they are set to graduated Dec '10. Those people were told that their schedule would remain the same all the way through. However, that has changed for some people. It is unknown at this time if those people who's schedule changed will graduate when they were told, or sooner. It is a big unknown right now. Hopefully this helps. HFCC is a good school with a very good program. However, it can get to be frustrating with the way certain things are done there, but than no school is perfect. But the school doesn't exist out of the goodness of it's heart. It is a buisness, and it is run like one. It is THE money maker for the college. The big thing to keep in mind is there may be a few hiccups, and there are a few teachers who merely show up to collect a paycheck, but they are outnumbered by the instructors who truly want students to succeed. Hope this helps
  4. by   rn2b2011
    Thanks Halligan, I hope I don't have to wait til next September, because I am done with all my prereqs and won't have anything else to take. I thought I was starting in September, but it didn't happen. I have been going to HFCC for a while now and I like, but yeah, they can be a trip just like every other school. I curious to know what type of changes are being made, it would be nice if they had an LPN program too.
  5. by   Halligan
    Oh, I doubt you will have to wait that long. If your done with electives, than look at taking Patho. It will give you a leg up on the material when you take N155 and N221,N222
  6. by   oguesswhat
    I was in the winter program for Jan 08. At the time they were accepting 60 students. I believe 53 ended up coming in. I got my letter about 2 weeks before Christmas break and some students didn't even get a letter...they got a phone call to become a last minute add. It's only the 4th of July you still have time.
  7. by   tonyal
    Quote from Halligan
    . Those people were told that their schedule would remain the same all the way through. However, that has changed for some people. It is unknown at this time if those people who's schedule changed will graduate when they were told, or sooner.
    Actually it is just the days and times that were changed. and it changed for all of us. some still have the m/f classes, but they are during the day. and the rest got t/w classes. we dont know if there will be weekend clinicals like we were told.we will still graduate in Dec. 10 and still have the summers off. but we will be merged with the group that just started 120/126 this summer. so we were told we would be with the same people all the way through and have the same schedule all the way and then we are split in half and put in a lottery. While I am not happy about it because now I have to arrange child care and find someone to get my kids from school, I can deal with it for a few more semesters. although it would be nice to find out clinical days so i can figure out what is going on with my kids and make arrangements. I would also like to give my work more than a week or two notice of what days I can work.
  8. by   kbokeefe
    Can someone help me with the whole admission process? I already took the NET. And do I need to fill out an application or do I just get put onthe wait list after the NET? Can someone help pleasssse!!!!
  9. by   lmg777
    you are not automatically put on the list after your net. You need to go and see Michelle or Lorraine in the Nurse advising office to make application. But, all of you prereq grades must be in, and any transfer grades. Also, in the last semester of you co-reqs.

    Good Luck! The wait list has grown to 2-3 years. The nursing department stated this was the first year aonly 30 people decided to wait for admissions. Those 30 will be re-invited again in the winter before any new wait list students will be invited. Also, only 40-60 will be invited in the winter. they have not decided yet what the total invite number will be. The Dean also, says they may reevaluate the length of time your net is valid since the wait list is growing to over 2 years. They may extend it to three years before expiration.

    Hope this helps