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Hi everyone, Was curious to see if anyone is applying for Henry fords fall program for 2017. Any current students in the program that can offer any tips or advice? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   camistar85
    Hello Everyone! I about to take the HESI this Monday and I am very nervous! But anyway.. for those whose been accepted, what can we expect? What is the process? How are you all doing since you've started? Any comments are appreciated:-)
  2. by   camistar85
    Hello, Do you remember how you were scored? I have a 85 over all on the HESI and im a bit worried to be honest.
  3. by   Ma2nr
    All you beed is 45 points No need to worry
  4. by   camistar85
    Thanks :-)
  5. by   BeWhatYouDream
    I am looking forward to applying to the nursing program at HFCC! I have 2 kids so I am very nervous of how I would complete the program.

    I would really appreciate it if someone gave me an insight of how the program is structured? What time do classes start and end, how many days a week, what days are clinicals and from what time? I would appreciate any advice you have. Thank you so much! Goodluck to all that have applied!
  6. by   camistar85

    I start the program on the 23rd so I dont know what to expect but I can tell you the classes are 2 days a week with a 1 day clinical. The section that i chose is Tuesdays 9a-2p and Wednesday 11a-4p. With that section my clinical is Thursdays 7a-1:30p (you have to be at your clinical 10 mins early) Then there's the study time which I have no clue. They say you should study 2 hours per credit hour I believe. The entire program works out to be a 38 hour weekly program. I have kids myself but I think as long as you manage your time appropriately and have a good support team AND you want this.. you can do it! Good luck:-)
  7. by   BeWhatYouDream
    Thank you very much for your response!!! Goodluck to you on this journey!

    Yes I want this very badly. I just have to take the NAT, which I have been preparing for for awhile. My biggest worry is the vocabulary section. Do you remember if the vocabulary words that are in the Elsevier study book, were also on the NAT as well?

    Also, thank you for stating the times, that gives me an idea of the structure of the program. This might be an early question, but are classes and clinicals scheduled 3 days a week in all 4 blocks (semesters), or do the days increase as the semesters go?

    Appreciate your feedback!!
  8. by   camistar85
    For the NAT i studied all the words in the Elsevier. I also got study guides from the 3rd edition Elsevier. (are they still using edition 4 as the study guide?) I got a 94% when I took it. Also as the semesters go on.. Im told the clinical day increases to 2 days a week. I know there's an online class as well in the other semesters. If you go to the website I think there;s a schedule there. Are you applying for Winter 2019?
  9. by   BeWhatYouDream
    Wow that's great! Hopefully if I get all the vocabulary words memorized that will Boost my score.

    I have the 3rd edition at home and have Rented the 4th edition, there are a few different terms in the book, but I will study both.

    I will be applying for Fall 2019, I want to take BIO 234 first. Thank you for your advice, much appreciated!
  10. by   BeWhatYouDream
    Hello friends!!

    I have a question regarding the Hesi NAT test...

    For the vocabulary part of the test, are the definitions in the Elsevier study guide book the same definitions that are asked on the test or just similar wording? Also, do they ask for synonyms or antonyms?

    Also, if anyone has an insight about the math portion of the test!

    Thank you in advance!