Henry Ford Community College waiting list

  1. Ok...I know that Henry Ford says the wait list is 1-2 years depending. Anyways I was just wondering how long is it really? Has anyone been accepted in less time? Any take longer? Obviously I am jumping the gun here considering its only April but does anyone know when the acceptance letters for winter semester go out? I am hoping to be accepted into the actual program then so I can be finished quicker. I was put on the wait list as of the beginning of February and just wanted to know what my chances were. They said I was pretty much guaranteed for Fall 08 but I want to get in the semester before. Thanks!
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  3. by   amybethf
    I was just at the nursing office this week and I overheard someone telling a caller that the wait list was 12-18 months. I got in in 18 months. They have upped the Fall to 220 students and take 60 in the Winter. Since it is a non-competitive acceptance, it is all about when u get on the list. If u do start in the winter when u would like to, u have to have both A & P courses completed. In fact u should have all co-req's finished or it will be much harder to pass and the program is very hard.

    Best Wishes!
  4. by   MySimplePlan
    No one really waits the entire 2 years....you have a good chance at your desired time line, perhaps even earlier. Go for it.

    Spend the next 1.5 years saving your money so you won't have to work. That's the #1 reason for failure in this program, which suffers a 30-50% attrition rate over the two years' duration. The fall 2007 rate is at at least 30% now, and the second semester is only half over.
  5. by   oguesswhat
    Ha yeah I wish I could save up enough so I wouldn't have to work during the nursing program. That won't be happening though unfortunately. And as for getting accepted into the winter start date I will have both A & P classes done by this fall so it won't be a problem I will only have 1 pre-req left if I get accepted in the winter which is pharmacology.