1. :spin: hello how are u.i want to have friends.
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  3. by   filipino nurse
    hello colleagues!!!
  4. by   oguesswhat
    Hello. How are you?
  5. by   MIKelly
    Are you living in Michigan?
  6. by   oguesswhat
    Yes I do live in Michigan.
  7. by   MIKelly
    Quote from oguesswhat
    Yes I do live in Michigan.
    I was asking the OP (original poster) if they live in Michigan; because the signature shows she's from the Philippines :spin: . Or are you the same person?
  8. by   Anne36
    HI! I live in Michigan too. I am stay at home mom right now, and want to get into a training class to be a cna and then mabye go to nursing school one day. I saw that red cross has it for $800. I really dont want to spend that much. Does anyone know of somewhere near Oakland County?
  9. by   adn44
    Hi, you might want to check around at local nursing home/ long term care type facilities, also some of the vocational type schools offer programs although I am not sure of the tuition
  10. by   dorado18
    Hello, I live in San Francisco and I'm taking CNA Vocational School and it cost me $900.00 for a month just to take the class..Im only taking this because it requires a CNA certificate to become an LVN..
  11. by   filipino nurse
    i live in the philippines and presently connected in a government hospital.can u tell me more about your job in your country.