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:lol2:Hey, I met someone that is in Nexcare Institute LPN program. This is their first year offering LPN program. I found out they are waiting to be accredited still. The program is one year and is... Read More

  1. by   msbac
    I posted a link to oakland university's lpn program in my previous post. the cost is cheaper than nexcare classes. Here the information that I cut and paste from oakland university website about the LPN program
    Below you will find detailed information on how to apply for the program, items required for the application package submission,
    as well as answers to some of the most common questions.

    Here you will find a program description for our Course of Study at Oakland University's Riverview Institute.

    Please print out the three page application. On the second page of the application you will find a list of all the items that are required to provide a
    complete package which include:

    Letter of Intent
    High school diploma or GED
    College transcripts
    ACT testing scores (can be waived if you have more than 25+ college credit hours with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
    You may also schedule an exam in your community and have your scores sent directly to Oakland University.
    Click here for links to ACT scheduling. You are required to take the basic ACT test which costs $32.00, writing
    portion not required.
    CNA Training (preferred but not required)
    State certification (preferred but not required)
    Two letters of recommendations (one personal, one professional)
    Copy of resume with any demonstrated health care related work experience (preferred but not required)

    The following items are REQUIRED upon acceptance into the program, prior to the first day of class:
    An ICHAT State Criminal Background Clearance (within 6 months)
    Urine Drug Test (within 30 days)
    TB Skin Test (within 1 year)
    Health Assessment form
    The Health Assessment form must be completed by a physician, with physical exam within one year, and titers report attached (Blood draw to verify immunizations).

    Send all completed documentation to the attention of Jacqueline Glover at the address provided on the third page of the application.

    We are currently accepting applications for our next cohort beginning in January 2011. The application deadline is 9/1/10.

    Once the deadline has expired, your application will be reviewed by the selection committee, with letters of acceptance going out 6-8 weeks prior to the beginning of classes. If you do not make the selection, you may resubmit your information for the next cohort. We currently do not have a waiting list for this program.

    Classes are in session three days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. All lectures are held at our Riverview Institute location at 7333 E. Jefferson Avenue, downtown Detroit, across from Belle Isle, at the former St. John Providence Health Systems Riverview Hospital location.

    The program tuition is $14,000 + books and supplies (an additional $1290). Billable per semester at $2500.00 x 5 semesters, and the 6th and final semester at $1500.00. Tuition payments are billed after the 7 day withdrawal period, and are due within 15 days from billing.
  2. by   Sirena922
    Thanks for the information MsBac!
  3. by   Sirena922
    Msbac whats the website with this information on it.
  4. by   msbac
    @ Sirena922the website is Home - Oakland University
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  5. by   MsAshley
    Thanks for this information! I am definitely going to look into this and apply! I have been trying to go the RN or BSN route but it seems like they are so competitive and there aren't enough schools to go around. I am constantly worrying about everything when it comes to nursing and I just want to get a good start already!!
  6. by   Sirena922
    Thanks MsBac I've printed off all the information and I'm looking into it now.
  7. by   msbac
    @ sirena922 your welcome and Good luck!! I went to michigan works to start the process for the funding to get into the lpn program. so im working on it
  8. by   MsAshley
    How does the Michworks process work? And can you use that along with regular financial aid? Does this program accept financial aid??
  9. by   msbac
    the oakland university lpn program doesn't accept financial aid only michworks and loans like salle mae and others. The michworks process is you attend an orientation for no worker left behind program. you qualify if you are unemployed,laid off or make under 40,000 per year and then you turn in paper work after you attend ortandtion
  10. by   boogiebaby29
    the accredication that nexcare is trying to get is financial aid. that way they can accept more students. being accrediated has nothing to do with anything. If they are oked by Michigan Board of Nursing to teach then they are ok..I also know for a fact that many of the students from the first class have taken their NCLEX and have passed..also most of the students got hired as student nurses before they even took their test..CONGRATS to NEXCARE...Oakland University also have lowered their cost of the program but of course there are some fees for unwritten things..like uniforms and books...etc.. but good luck or you can always drive to Ohio...you really have to apply where ever you can get accepted.good luck
  11. by   MsAshley
    How much has oakland lowered their cost? I looked into them in the past but it was a lot of money out of pocket
  12. by   boogiebaby29
    It is $9600, now plus other fees. its not bad, if you have the pre-reqs done the program is 1yr if not its 18 months...my suggestion it to apply everywhere you think, schoolcraft, henryford, occ, oakland U, wayne county...macomb...also macomb has a agreement with occ that when they are all full that occ is holding about 15 seats for their students...how crazy is that, but do what ever you have to do to get in.....good luck
  13. by   boogiebaby29
    I am currently in Nexcare LPN program. the accrediation that they are waiting on is to get approved for financial aid. Many of the first year graduates have passed their NCLEX on the first time. They had 28 graduates and 24 are licensed todate. It is a good school and they want you to be the best. $15,500 is a decent price. Yes it hurts to pay out of pocket, but really can you put a price on the education to help people. Do what u feel is good for you, whether u go to a community college, everest, nexcare or any other program. Nursing is so competitive and if you want to get in you get in where you can. Just another note, if you go on that website, Wayne County is not accrediated, Oakland University LPN is not accrediated..So you do what u need to do. While u are down playing nursing programs, I will be a nurse. all that matters is if you pass that nclex

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