Everest or Dorsey Lpn Program

  1. Im looking into going to school for lpn in michigan the community colleges wait list are just to long. So any info that you may have about dorsey or everest programs will help....cost? program hours? location? anything? an any reviews about the program will be helpful thx...
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  3. by   EmilyEmily
    Dorsey is cheaper 26,000. Everest is 36,000.
  4. by   shan409
    Hey Janika! (I added you on here as well.) I don't have any info on Dorsey, but I did go to an info session at Everest. And yes as Emily Emily stated it is $36,000. I know two graduates. One completed the morning session and the other (my hair stylist) just completed the 18 month evening session. She passed her NCLEX as well. They both went to the Southfield campus on Lahser (btw. 8 & 9mile).
  5. by   Sirena922
    Shan409 did your two friends find employment after they passed the nclex? And was the salary what they expected?

  6. by   shan409
    One was already employed at the nursing home they work at, so she did not have to find employment (I am not aware of her salary). The other just passed last month, so she is currently looking.