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  1. Hi I have been out of college 10 years, and after applying and acceptance to HFCC in Dearborn a year ago, I started taking classes this winter 2010 semester. I am trying to get what I need done to get on the waitlist for the Nursing program, but it looks like it may take a while, at least 2 more semesters after this one (so winter 2011) before I can take the test and get on the waitlist, which I hear is 12-18 months at least. Does this mean I am going to have to spread my classes out over 5 years? Should I try and find a different school? Are there any I could get into with being out of college so long, and not having a good gpa from the past anyway . . . is there another program I should start in the meantime that would be beneficial?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Most people increase their chances by applying to as many programs as possible. I would increase the number of programs that you are considering in the hopes that you can get something going quicker. Good luck.
  4. by   skesska
    Quote from caliotter3
    Most people increase their chances by applying to as many programs as possible. I would increase the number of programs that you are considering in the hopes that you can get something going quicker. Good luck.
    Thanks for your reply I was still online

    Do you mean, apply for different programs within the school, say Surgical Tech or Nursing Assistant, or . . not sure what else they have there . . . Or trying to get on the list at another school?
  5. by   caliotter3
    No. I'm talking about looking for different schools with nursing programs. How many are in your area? Hopefully, more than that one. Can you commute or relocate to go to school? That is also an option. The more schools that you apply to, the better your chance to get admitted to a nursing program.
  6. by   MsAshley
    Hi! I agree with caliotter. U need to try and apply to as many schools as u can so that your options are open and increase your chances of getting in sooner. Most schools want the same pre req's while some want less. There are several schools in the area you may want to try looking into. Maybe occ wc3 mcc just to name a few. Go to the michigan.gov website and try to find the michigan board of nursing approved nursing programs. They will give u every accredited program in michigan for the and bsn or an lpn program. Then jus check out the requirements and go from there. Good luck! Hope this helps
  7. by   LauJen
    I've heard that the waitlist at HFCC is 18-24 months, and then you add the 2 years or so that it takes to complete the program... you're looking at 4 years right there, and thats if all goes well.... you could have had your bachelor's by then!

    The waitlist is good for those who perhaps want a guarantee that they have a spot in a program, but also have time to waste... and most of us don't! I know that Macomb Community has only 7 pre-reqs to complete, and only 3 must be done before taking the HESI for their entrance test (the 3 classes are Micro, Anatomy and English 1). Sign up for the HESI is usually during the Summer, around June. I applied there, and I'm also attending Baker right now. They have 13 pre-reqs you have to complete before you can even apply, so that may not be what you're looking to do.

    I know there's also St. Clair Community College (SC4), Wayne County Community College, Oakland Community College, Davenport (although I know nothing about them) and a few others. Personally, I don't think it's a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, but again, thats just me!! Good luck to you!
  8. by   MsAshley
    I agree with you on this one. My plan is to apply at HFCC, OCC, MCC, and I never even thought about St. Clair. I don't want to stray too far away from hom though (I live in Detroit) Becuase I don't want to be panicked about getting to class in time from work or home. Mainly work since I do work full time. I have thought about just pursuing a BSN as well however I hear that the wait list for those programs as well is like 2-3 years. So it seems like everywhere you go these days is killer! Have you maybe considered going to Toledo? I hear that the wait is less there and thats not that far. At least not from me. its like an hour drive. May not be ideal but its a suggestion. Especially with the trouble we have here!
  9. by   LauJen
    I'm not sure if you're responding to me or the original poster, but when it comes to school, I'm done at Baker, just waiting (hopefully) for an acceptance that should come by February 1st, and I also have completed the pre-reqs at Macomb, and have an application in there as well.

    I wouldn't/couldn't do Toledo because that drive is just way too long. I have a toddler, and being away for long hours at school is already enough! Most schools don't have waitlists anymore, especially for BSN's, its usually just a first come, first serve, and a lot depends on if you did your pre-reqs at that school or elsewhere (I know thats how Wayne State works).... If I could do it all over again, I probably would have split the pre-reqs and done the harder classes at Macomb, and easier classes at Wayne, and then applied to Wayne's program, because in the end, I will have spent 4 years on this anyways, and will only walk away with an ADN.
  10. by   MsAshley
    I partially responded to each of you. I also have a toddler which makes it hard for me to be away for long periods of time. I hate having to go to class after I get off work and come home and she is either in the bed on headed there. We don't really get to spend any time together. And by the time the weekend comes I am dead tired or studying. When talking about the schools I was responding to the original poster. I have considered Wayne time and time again and the only reason I haven't done it is because I really didn't want to have to do school for 4 more years! But the way I have heard a lot of people talking I may as well have because I am going to spend an equal amount of time waiting to get into an ADN program as a BSN. I think what I will do is see what Wayne requires as well and throw myself in the drawing for them. I know I wouldn't have favor since I didn't complete most of my classes there but hey at least its worth a shot! I also planned on taking classes towards my BSN while I am waiting to get in the Nursing program somewhere as well.
  11. by   tonyal
    I just wanted to say, i am in the program at HFCC, the wait usually isnt as long as they say since they are starting classes in fall, winter, spring. Also while waiting for acceptance you inish up the rest of the classes needed.
    I know some suggested occ, their nursing classes are only at the highland lakes campus. you have to consider not only that drive, but also how far from that campus will clinicals be? At hfcc they are up to 40 minutes from campus in any direction. so check not only where the classes are, but where they do clinicals.
    Also many BSN programs have a waitlist of 3 years to get in. thats after getting the required ones done to apply. Good luck to you
  12. by   MsAshley
    I am feeling even more discouraged about school today. I talked to someone at HFCC and she told me that now the waiting list is to 3 years!! I just know I don't want to wait that long specially since in the course of that I could have gotten my BSN. Even if I don't wait 3 years it seems like I will be waiting at least 2 to get in now. Guess I need to start looking into the other schools and seeing how long my wait may be there
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  13. by   Anne36
    I feel for you! If this is the discouraged thread Im right there with you. I took my first A&P exam today.75% of it was straight up and the rest was questionable. There were just enough questions on the test about things that were never covered (answers are not in our book) to mess up my grade. I knew a ton of things that were not on the test.

    Lab is a joke. I cant even explain. The models are all different, unlabled, wrong keys, or not there at all . Mitosis is shown in about 3 different ways when we all know it only happens one way. Its so bad, I need to attend the other sections lab and take pictures to try and figure this stuff out at home.
  14. by   MsAshley
    Awww now that doesn't sound good at all! Don't get discouraged this is only the first test! I am sure you will have plenty of time to try and make it up. Just don't lose hope and keep pushing and you will see the benefits. Do they offer and tutoring or things like that? Sometimes I know you can meet with the teacher during office hours as well. Is this an option for you?