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Can you believe the Detroit Tigers are 4-0? First they sweep the Jays and then knock off the Twins in a come from behind win. I'm getting excited but I know it's early. Go Tigers!!... Read More

  1. by   MySimplePlan
    GO GET 'EM, TIGERS!!!!

    I am completely stoked for this weekend and more Tiger vicotries!! Sorry, Siri, the country's sports writes are all calling for a Tiger victory in the World Series.

    I can only watch this weekend's games, though, and MAYBE a tiny bit of the week's games - we have two big tests this week and I have to stay on schedule.....can't use valuable study time to watch TV, even if it is the World Series...

    I'm going to REALLY try hard this Saturday and Sunday to study a TON to give me some room for later in the week to peek at the games. It will be my reward for working my butt off the next two days. We'll see.

    In the meantime, GO TIGERS!!! And yes, AmyBeth - Detroit Rock City!
  2. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    (I would say Tigers in 4 except for Pujols . . .and I'd walk him everytime he's up to bat with runners in scoring position, no matter what that walk does to the score - remember this: Pujols single-handedly ruined the Astros' closer, Brad Lidge. He hasn't been the same since that towering shot in game 5 of the NLCS last year.)
    Game 1, 3rd inning: Pujols - two run shot with runner in scoring position and first base open.

    Did I say something about walking him with runners in scoring?

    hmmmm. I stand by my assertion that Pujols will single-handedly win 2 of these games - unless Detroit takes my aforementioned advice.

    It reminds me of a few years ago when Bonds was seeking his home run record and at Houston late in the season: Houston walked him EVERYTIME he was up to bat except for one game when the score was already out of reach for Houston. Lots of jeers for that, but it danged sure was a good stategy to win.

    Good pitching might beat good hitting, but I stand by the assertion that you don't let big game hitters beat you. The advantage the AL has over the NL is that of an overall level of quality. The advantage the NL has over the AL is the star power of a single player or two on each team. You don't let those players beat you. I guess being a fan of the NL, this is second nature for me and maybe a novelty for AL fans.

    That Pujols at-bat that beat Lidge in NLCS 5 last year: after the first pitch that was a strike, I was going CRAZY screaming at the TV about how stupid it was to pitch to Pujols and give him a chance to win the game. And, I was correct.

    Just like I was right about this.

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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Game 2, 1st Inning. After going 3-0, Kenny Rogers doesn't throw what would almost certainly be a 'green light' strike to Albert Pujols w/ 2 outs. Instead, he puts him on with a walk.

    Result: out of the inning safe.

  4. by   MySimplePlan
    Um, walking Albert isn't such a secret strategy. It's been going on all summer. With Kenny closing in on a league record, there's no way he would let Pujols get a hit from him. Pretty easy prediction....